A Basic Law for Conversions to Judaism

There should not be religious coercion in the Jewish state or for that matter in any state. However, there needs to be a basic law on the issue of Orthodox conversions to Judaism in the State of Israel. The basic law should specify the different types of Orthodox conversions (bnei mitzvah conversions, mass conversions, klitah conversions, marriage conversions, military conversions, giur lechumra and regular conversions) and to whom those apply. Mass conversions would apply to a) veteran immigrants and their Israeli-born descendants and b) groups such as Bnei Menashe. Bnei mitzvah conversions would only apply to children born, residing in and who are citizens of Israel and who are of suitable age. No conversions should be carried out by the Chief Rabbinate and all state conversions should be carried out by an independent State Conversion Authority that would not be part of or subordinate to the Chief Rabbinate. The category of of Zerah Israel would be formally recognized in law as legally entitled to conversion and that it is a national mission to convert them. Conversion for the purpose of marriage would only remain valid if the convert remains resident of Israel for at least ten years after the conversion. Regular conversion should be like now but friendly and without bureaucratic harassment.