A Liberal Revolution in Israel

How would a Jewish and Liberal state with selective authoritarianism look like? Why is selective authoritarianism required? First, Israel already practices authoritarianism against non-citizens in Area B and C in Judea and Samaria; second, the Haredi community must be coercively integrated; third, gender equality must be imposed on the Arab community so that their women enter the labor market as they are currently mostly housewives. A new Israeli intelligence agency modeled on the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution would be created which would be responsible for monitoring domestic enemies of open society. Advocating for theocratic laws would be made a crime in Israel and religious political parties would be banned under the constitution. The Office for Protection of the Constitution would vet all electoral lists and mayoral candidates to ensure that only bona fide liberal democrats run for office. Opposition to military/national service and other civic obligations in the Jewish Liberal state would lead to deportation to penal reservations. Freedom of press would be meticulously respected but writers who break the law will be prosecuted, convicted and sent to penal reservations. The Supreme Court would reign supreme and could annul any law deemed illiberal or otherwise unconstitutional. What civic obligations would be imposed on the Haredi and Arab communities? Unless citizens belonging to new generations perform military or national service and complete vocational or academic education they will be individually denied all future benefits from the welfare state such as health care, pension, social insurance, child benefits etc. All Israeli schools including non-Jewish schools would include Talmudic studies since Talmudic education is an essential part of citizenship in a Jewish state. Secular education would be forced on the Haredi community and opponents would be sent to penal reservations. Non-discrimination would be enshrined in the constitution according to which discrimination generally would be outlawed and would not be limited to a select number of vertical analytical categories of oppression such as race, gender, gendered sexuality etc. but would extend to discrimination generally except as stipulated in the constitution, meaning that the Law of Return would be part of the constitution. Animals who are part of human society (domesticated animals and captive animals who cannot be released into the wild) will be granted citizenship under the new constitution.