A Grand Strategy for Containing China

What is China’s grand strategy? 

1. China is currently in the Buildup Phase where China is endeavoring to economically catch up with the United States, make itself immune to economic sanctions, build up a military so vast that it cannot conceivably be defeated and quietly create leverage around the world without claiming superpower status. How long will the Buildup Phase last? Perhaps 20 to 30 years more.

2. The next phase is the Breakout Phase which will involve a world war whereby China will conquer thinly populated countries and regions which it intends to subject to Han colonization. Including Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Russia, the Nordic nations, the Baltic nations, the entire Oceania (including Australia), Central Asia, the Asian Middle East, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia and possibly parts of yet other countries. The Breakout Phase includes China asserting global hegemony as the sole superpower.

3. The Consolidation Phase includes turning all remaining countries into vassals and ending liberal democracy everywhere. It also involves settling conquered countries and regions with Han people.

This is China’s grand strategy and so the US needs a grand strategy of its own to contain China. Contrary to official rhetoric is the Chinese leadership intensely Islamophobic and views its current policies in Xinjiang as an experiment to later be implemented in the rest of the Muslim world in order to eliminate what the Chinese leadership views as the menace of Islam which it regards as its main strategic competitor in the Consolidation Phase.

  1. The US will not be able to match China’s future military strength and so the United States will need to collaborate with others in order to deter and contain China.
  2. The US needs to build an Asian NATO.
  3. The European Union countries need to merge their militaries into a unified European military that will partner with the United States military.
  4. By fully defeating Russia in Ukraine can post-war Russia be drawn into the US global system of alliances and the US should endeavor to fully encircle China.
  5. A global liberal democratic commonwealth needs to be created, including a global free-trade zone for liberal democracies only, a global defense alliance for liberal democracies only, an international court of liberal democracy and an international network of National Offices for the Protection of the Constitution.
  6. Liberal democracies can together match China demographically and should be able to match China militarily as well. The liberal democratic world must thus arm itself to ensure military superiority over China both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  7. Americans are objectively genetically inferior to Chinese where intelligence is concerned (Han people have average IQ 105) and so Americans need to change their attitude towards non-racist ethical eugenics in order to increase national intelligence in the US gene pool. 
  8. America’s golden age was largely due to the predominance of highly intelligent Ashkenazis (average IQ 110) throughout America’s leading institutions but with widespread intermarriage among American Jews is America also in decline. The US  may want to encourage East Asian immigration as this apparently is America’s new genetic elite on the rise.
  9. The US and its allies need to systematically prevent China from building leverage around the world.
  10. The US needs to to arm and conclude defense pacts with nations that China intends to conquer.
  11. The US needs to create international awareness about the Chinese threat and diplomatically isolate China until it abandons its hegemonist designs.
  12. The US should pursue liberalization and democratization in countries ripe for that and liberalization only in other dictatorships. It is crucial to expand globally in the larger conflict between liberal democracy and enemies of open society.