Maximizing Entrepreneurship

Most people have had innovative ideas for entrepreneurship, yet 99,99% of innovative business ideas do not even reach the project stage. We must surely ask why this is so and what can be done to change this. Not everyone is ready to become an entrepreneur and so a searchable global database for innovative entrepreneurial ideas needs to be created whereby people share ideas that they are not ready to realize themselves and those who subsequently realize the ideas would commit to give public credit there to the innovator. Furthermore, online matching should be created whereby people with different skills and talents but similar interests would be matched for entrepreneurial teams. This is crucial since it is often difficult, indeed bordering on the impossible for a singular individual to do everything herself as an entrepreneur and attempting to do so often leads to failure. Furthermore, entrepreneurial failure is often due to poorly matching teams. Many people are interested in becoming entrepreneurs and would be willing to put in an effort in addition to their regular job and those are important to reach for this new matching service. This will become greatly enhanced with the coming of the metaverse when people thus will be able to be matched with each other irrespective of place of residence worldwide.