Phase-Outs of Unethical Products

There should be a general policy for unethical products and unethical procedures. There should be significant investment in finding ethical alternatives which are indistinguishable and competitive. This principle has already been established for cars where the EU has decreed that new gasoline and diesel vehicles will be outlawed by 2035. As soon as cellular agriculture becomes competitive must the animal industry be outlawed. Solar energy is already highly competitive (wind energy is unethical because it kills birds on a mass scale) and so there is no reason not to phase out fossil fuel in power plants as soon as possible. There are viable alternatives to chemical pesticides which are used in veganic agriculture and so there is no reason to any longer legally allow chemical pesticides. Organic and chemical agriculture are both harmful and unethical and should be replaced by veganic agriculture. Funding development of alternatives and subsequent government-decreed phase-out is crucially the way to resolve the climate crisis. There should be mass investment in developing pharmaceutical research methods that can replace current animal testing.