Strategic Miscegenation

Prior to World War II was miscegenation widely viewed in a negative light due to pseudo-scientific misperceptions of the perceived “dangers” associated with “racial mixing”. Nowadays the general view is that miscegenation is unproblematic. The truth is somewhere in between. If a given host population absorbs large numbers of members of a genetic group with lower average IQ then such miscegenation is clearly dysgenic. If on the other hand a given host population absorbs large numbers of members of a genetic group with higher average IQ then clearly it is eugenic for the host population. It should be emphasized that the only psychometric difference between human racial groups that have been documented is difference in average IQ. Eugenic and dysgenic effects on average intelligence is thus the only issue at stake in miscegenation as it is otherwise completely harmless. This should not be mistaken as an argument against certain miscegenetion but rather recognition that some immigration is dysgenic and some is both dysgenic and eugenic. E.g. immigration of African doctoral candidates to the United States is eugenic for America as doctoral candidates generally have high IQ but dysgenic for Africa which is depleted of its genetic elite. It is vital to map fertile males with extremely high IQ everywhere in the world irrespective of color and genetic origin and use their semen for purposes of sperm aid to developing countries which typically have low average IQ and desperately need genetic improvement. Their semen should also be used for sperm banks. Women in poor countries would be reimbursed for being artificially inseminated with such super semen and subsequently for giving birth. This would involve significant strategic miscegenation in many countries around the world.