The Future of Islam

Islam never really left the Medieval period behind and hundreds of millions of people in Islamdom still live with a medieval theocratic mindset completely incompatible with liberal democracy. Islamism is actually the oldest of all the modern totalitarian ideologies with indeed earlier precedents to rely on in Islamic history. Islam’s problems dealing with modernity in a constructive manner has become a global problem for the entire human world. 

Most Muslim nations are dictatorships and the government either controls the clerics or is perfectly able to do so if it wants to. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has turned this into a fine art in rapidly reforming Islam in his nation. Therefore the challenge in this high tech Messianic era is to return this Judeo-Christian hybrid known as Islam to the Sumerian roots of Abrahamic civilization and organized religion generally. This means turning mosques inter centers of education and practice of ritual sex. Eugenic polygyny will no doubt be welcomed in the Muslim world where this will seem neither novel nor strange. Sunni clerics in Turkey are controlled by the Diyanet Directorate of Religious Affairs and they should be ordered to gradually reform Islam and turn it into a progressive religion of ritual sex bearing little similarity with traditional Islam. This will be extremely feasible to carry out since the young generations of Muslims will grow up in state-controlled eugenic youth villages where they will be taught the new reformed feminist Islam.