What is Mashiach?

How we can transition into a high tech Messianic Age without waiting for a supernatural messiah who will never arrive? Since my teenage years and throughout my adult life I have dreamed about becoming the Mashiach in a non-metaphysical sense without ever having had any interest in public attention. I early decided to devote my life to becoming the Mashiach in a non-traditional way. What does it mean to be Mashiach in a non-traditional, non-metaphysical and non-religious sense? It means a) bringing peace to Israel and ingather the descendants of the ten tribes while b) deploying Jewish genius to resolve the world’s problem, whether through high tech, science or social innovation. Most people can’t do the latter but those who can ought and must. Mashiach is a collective effort on the part of the nation of Israel. Most problems that humanity face can eventually be resolved through high tech and the sooner the better. If we all dream big we will succeed.