Binarism and Gender are Socially Distinct

In Marxist terms is gender the superstructure and sex the base and in more colloquial terms gender is social and cultural while sex is ostensibly biological only. What is the actual relationship between sex and gender and is really sex the appropriate term? Gender describes role play which range from habitual to drag. Binarism in contrast describes the various social ideologies which uphold sexual binaries in different cultures. Binarism is deeply ingrained even in an ostensibly progressive abbreviation such as LGBTQI. Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual are all binarist terms and thus deeply reactionary. We are attracted to persons and then we have more or less strong tendencies in varying directions. Terms such as woman and man are also obviously binarist with unfortunate reactionary connotations. Gynogenics and androgenics are better terms which explicitly refer to anatomical, psychometric or reproductive difference as depending on context. We cannot change things if we use antiquated and counterproductive terminology. Rather we need to name the varying existing genders that exist within the phantasmic binary and erotic orientation (not limited to sexual attraction but including other forms of attraction as well) hence requires a whole new terminology. The task ahead is to disconnect gender from sex and discredit and destroy binarism as a nefarious apartheid ideology through science, art, design, innovation and entrepreneurship.