The Reappropriation of the Talmud

Talmud study has for many centuries been central to Jewish life. What is now required is reunderstanding the two Talmuds and rabbinic literature in light of Median Judaism and Mandaeism and their respective canonic literatures through the prism of the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing. We need to create online WikiTalmuds for both the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud where contributors can add and edit reinterpretations in light of Median Judaism and Mandaeism. Such WikiTalmuds need to be created for other historical rabbinic books and for canonical works of Median Judaism and Mandaeism. Not only that, we need to create WikiTalmuds for the great historical works of philosophy. We live in the high tech messianic age without a supernatural messiah and so it is surely about time to reveal all the secrets hidden by the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing throughout the ages in religion and philosophy.

Talmud study needs to become part of the core curriculum of all Jewish schools in Israel for pupils of all genders. It is disastrous that secular Israeli Jewish pupils for decades have been cut off from their roots by not studying the Talmud. However, with the creation of thousands of online WikiTalmuds based on various important historical works can school Talmud study expand to include the new Talmuds as well.

It is urgent that a new field of Jewish critical theory is founded to discredit the new Anti-Semitism, integrate the indigenous Zionism with other indigenous studies and ultimately bring Talmudic and other rabbinic modes of reading and writing to the Jewish masses.