The Future of Feminism

What is the future of feminism? Like the future in general will the future of feminism largely be determined by developments in high tech, most of which cannot yet be foreseen. Two key technologies are however especially essential and those are household robots and artificial uteri. Feminists need to become advocates for using billions in government research grants for development of feminist technologies, particularly regarding artificial uteri. Furthermore, feminists need to become entrepreneurs in feminist high tech. Feminists need to advocate for feminist gene editing so as to eliminate personality disorders, particularly the Dark Triad (Machiavellianism, Narcissism and Psychopathy) from the gene pool so as to work towards eradicating domestic abuse. An ever-increasing part of society identifies as LGBTQI, presently over 20% of young Americans and polyamory is becoming increasingly popular and will likely replace infidelity in the future. The future may not be that far away when a young generation arrives that designs their individual genders or non-genders irrespective of sexual anatomy, and where sexuality is so fluid, flexible, individualized and free from collective preconceptions that it is no longer an identity. Selling clothes, glasses and shoes according to a gender binary may become outdated sooner than we think as individualism becomes increasingly diverse, specialized and profitable indeed. Here are tremendous opportunities for feminist designers and feminist entrepreneurs.