Median Jewish Studies

I personally discovered that Alevism had a Jewish ethics while interviewing an Alevi Dede (Alevi Kohen) c. 2002 as an Islamic studies student at Stockholm University. A decade later, this led me to write online about the Jewish origins of the Alevis and I was subsequently contacted by a number of Alevis, including by one particularly helpful informant in Turkey who helped me systematically search Turkish-language Alevi websites (I don’t know Turkish) for information about Jewish practices in Alevism. After an intense nearly two-year online collaboration with my primary informant I collected multiple pages of information of Jewish practices in Alevism which I first published in 2014. There are most likely more Jewish practices which I and my informant did not manage to discover through our primitive research method.  

I don’t pretend to be a scientist, I find it very difficult to read printed books due to being distracted by the fibers in the paper because of my severe ADHD; I derive my knowledge from the Internet and always found it too messy to cognitively coordinate writing footnotes. However, I have advanced cognitive skills due to my particular cognitive profile

What are my aims? I am not interested in publicity, public attention or public recognition and the main objective with my research is to stimulate researchers in the Mossad Research Division to further delve into those topics considering the utmost strategic importance of these issues for the State of Israel. I certainly look forward to the day when the works of Mossad scholars on this subject will be publicly published in English and Hebrew but this will only happen when the existence of core Median Judaism as the descendants of the Assyrian-deported Ten Tribes is officially announced to the Israeli public and to the world by the Israeli government, something which will only happen when Median Jewish Aliyah (immigration to Israel) becomes possible as the Muslim regimes where they currently live certainly would not allow them to emigrate to Israel.

What is the state of Median Jewish studies? Yezidism has been studied by academics since the late 19th century and the Jewish customs of the Yezidis are well-documented by science, leading some scholars to the erroneous view that Yezidism is a result of syncretism between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Alianism, Khaksarism and Shabakism have been the subject of very little study. The other denominations (Alawism, Alevism, Bektashism, Druzism, Yarsanism and Yezidism) have been studied by academia but not extensively or thoroughly. Core Median Judaism constitutes a closely related cluster of clearly common Median origin although the nine denominations have significantly diverged throughout the past 27 centuries. Do the other denominations (aside from Alevism, Bektashism and Yezidism) also have preserved Jewish practices to a significant extent? This is impossible to tell from the current published literature which is extremely superficial and unless I had been contacted by my primary Alevi informant we would not have the wealth of information on Alevi Jewish practices that we currently have.

However, critically important information may be gleaned from closely rereading religious literatures of Median Judaism (including Shinto religious literature) as well as the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud and rabbinical literature through the critical lens of the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing. Furthermore, important information may potentially be gleaned from archeology in re-understanding the trajectory of Core Median Judaism. In addition, it is essential to identify peoples around the world who practice Median Judaism and who have not yet been converted to religious imperialism. It is vital to genetically test all priestly castes worldwide to identify genetic kohanim.