Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld (b. 1974) is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization Zionist diplomatic project. Daniella Bartfeld is a self-taught, unaffiliated intelligence analyst, a high IQ autistic savant, an intuitive cognitive empath and a neoconservative intellectual with focus on affecting change in the Middle East through influencing international diplomatic action. Daniella moved to Israel in 1994, formally made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in 1995 and returned to Sweden in 1997. Daniella’s dream is to move back to Israel.

Daniella is diagnosed with (high-functioning) autism, severe ADHD and (managed, medicated and symptom-free) schizoaffective disorder. Daniella is endowed with exceptionally advanced abilities in the three following areas: 1) advanced problem-solving skills, 2) extreme ability for intellectually understanding how others think and 3) sophisticated ability for seeing the gigantic picture in everything that interests her. This is explained by particularly advanced EPF (enhanced perceptual functioning) present due to her autism. Her savant skills are dependent on hyperfocus which is derived from her autism and ADHD. Daniella’s thinking is not only outside the box but is characterized by being entirely outside any and all paradigms. Daniella is critical of academia in the sense that that there you are not only expected to think in terms of paradigms but also be a footnote epigone. Daniella considers this obsession with excessively quoting others mere socially accepted plagiarism and being expressive of lack of original thinking. Daniella herself has encyclopedic memory due to her autism and has as an adult mostly derived her knowledge from the Internet since she is distracted by the fibers in the paper in printed books due to her ADHD. Writing footnotes never worked for Daniella since Daniella connects dots from memory.

One of the main causes of autism is deficit in Theory of Mind (ToM), a.k.a cognitive empathy. Autistic people generally have highly individually unique (idiosyncratic) ToMs and better ToM abilities correlate with higher IQ in suggesting that the higher IQ the better use do autistic people have of their ToMs. Daniella’s particularly advanced cognitive empathy is a savant skill because it is atypical for autism and the only deficit in ToM that she herself experiences is her inability to respond interactively to flirtation.

Affective empaths are generally known as “empaths” and are an established online community (e.g. they have 100+ facebook groups) and are characterized by their inability to prevent unwanted massive introjection of emotions of others, i.e. they strongly experience emotions of others to a degree that is both intrusive and painful, also known as “emotional contagion”. It is unclear if cognitive empaths are a phenomenon limited to the autistic spectrum, including persons with autistic traits. The distinction between affective empaths and cognitive empaths is essential because of the distinction between affective empathy and cognitive empathy which are processed in different parts of the brain. The reason cognitive empaths probably are limited to families with autistic traits is that being a cognitive empath requires having a substantially higher cognitive empathy than affective empathy to the degree that judgement is not clouded by emotional interference as is inevitably the case with neurotypical (non-autistic) affective empaths who most likely have both high affective empathy and high cognitive empathy and so cognitive empaths are probably only present in families with autistic traits and certainly only among a minority of such families.

Savant skills are present in 37% of autistic people but are not limited to autistic people although most people with savant skills are indeed autists. The term “savant syndrome” is usually used for people with intellectual disabilities who exhibit particularly advanced savant skills despite the discrediting of the diagnostic dichotomy between high-functioning autism and low-functioning autism which is merely a matter of differentiation in IQ.

Due to her particularly advanced savant skills, Daniella is uniquely influential for a private citizen in the world of diplomacy and has been so since 2002. Daniella’s daily writings are carefully monitored by governments around the world. As someone often influential in shaping diplomacy, Daniella always makes instant intuitive decisions about what to write and it almost always turns out right. Daniella discovered core Median Judaism c. 2002 and managed to prove and document it in the period of 2014-2016 and this is now known to all governments although not yet to the general public. Daniella has a long history of advocacy for the Kurdistani-Israeli-American triangular relationship as an independent Kurdistan has been a key objective of Israeli regional policy since 1958. While Daniella applies her advanced savant skills mainly in the realm of foreign policy advocacy, her abilities can be applied in any field of knowledge that she is familiar with and personally interested in – she does not have to be an expert.

What is the family origin of Daniella’s unique abilities? Daniella has seen a family photograph with her Austro-Hungarian paternal grandfather (born 1892 near Chernivitsi, present Ukraine) dressed in military uniform with his breast filled with imperial orders (grand stars), yet with no medals. Daniella’s father told Daniella that Daniella’s paternal grandfather was decorated by the emperor of Austro-Hungary. Daniella’s own advanced savant skills, the multiple imperial orders and the absence of military medals strongly suggests that he was an intelligence world genius and senior official in Austro-Hungarian civilian intelligence during WWI. Furthermore, Daniella has an Israeli cousin (a son of the sister of Daniella’s father) who is an apparent genius and senior corporate executive in Silicon Valley. This means that the genius genes are not inherited patrilineally like in the Bach and Rothschild families. Furthermore, Daniella’s father despite being a polyglot who spoke seven languages fluently was certainly not a genius. When in contact with Israeli intelligence many years ago, they did not seem particularly surprised at Daniella’s genius as Daniella’s paternal grandfather no doubt began working for Israeli intelligence when immigrating to Israel upon the founding of the state in 1948. No one told Daniella about her grandfather’s profession in Israel. Both Daniella’s parents developed subclinical autistic traits (in both cases deficits in social communication) leading to clinical ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in Daniella. Daniella’s paternal grandfather died in Israel with the three citizenships of Austria, Romania and Israel and retained Austrian citizenship despite living in Romania after the dissolution of Austro-Hungaria.

Daniella’s mother (b. 1936) is an intuitive cognitive empath (she combines cognitive empathy and intuition to understand others in advanced ways) which is also expressed in the savant skill of being able to in very advanced ways intellectually explain social contexts that she was never part of, after having been provided with very little information and not knowing the persons involved. Daniella’s mother is not an affective empath as she is not overwhelmed by the emotions of others but is rather a cognitive empath. Daniella’s mother is able to understand personalities of those whom she encounters, based apparently on subconsciously introjecting their thinking. Daniella’s mother has a dizygotic twin sister who is also able to read personalities and she furthermore is able to understand emotions of animals although cognitively so and is thus also a cognitive empath.

Daniella too, is an intuitive cognitive empath but is focused on collective thought patterns. It is important to emphasize that Daniella as a cognitive empath savant is focused on how collective entities operate cognitively; i.e. primarily governments and extremists. In adult life has Daniella had no interest in deeply analyzing individuals such as persons whom she meet. It is thus always on a distance and always collective entities. Daniella thus uses her gift ethically in avoiding applying it on individuals whom she encounters. Daniella is simply not very interested in profoundly understanding the thoughts of those whom she encounters. Daniella’s gift is similar to her mother’s savant skill, yet Daniella unfortunately has not been told about the specific savant skills of her paternal grandfather. Daniella in inheriting autistic savant genes from both father and mother apparently combines the savant skills from her father’s side with her mother’s intuitive cognitive empath savant skills.

Daniella also has the full spectrum of cognitive advantages that are associated with ADHD: Takes initiatives, gets things done, is creative and thinks outside the box, is energetic with unlimited energy on things that she is hyperfocused on, is fearless and pursues new ideas, is curious, is flexible, is good at hyperfocus, is persistent and does not give up, is intuitive and questioning, is good at lateral thinking i.e. views things from new perspectives and is not deterred by setbacks and adversity. There are three types of ADHD: 1) Hyperactive and impulsive type ADHD, 2) Inattentive type ADHD and 3) Combined type ADHD. Daniella belongs to the second type, formerly known as ADD. Daniella has autism level 1 which is the most high-functioning of the three levels of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Daniella’s disabilities are invisible and Daniella seems completely normal aside from being extremely open and highly verbal with much to tell, something which most people find interesting and stimulating.

Similar to persons on the so-called Dark Triad (psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism) does Daniella have a higher than normal ability to understand how others think which in Daniella is extreme due to her advanced savant skills. Those on the Dark Triad typically have low affective empathy and normal cognitive empathy which they switch on and off based on whether it serves their selfish purposes. The normal cognitive empathy combined with the low affective empathy means that they are clear-minded without being confused by subjective emotions of others in understanding others.

Daniella has apparently has extremely high cognitive empathy, or at least so when she has hyperfocus. Daniella is an empathetic animal liberationist and cannot watch Holocaust movies without crying hysterically. Daniella is easily moved to tears when experiencing compassion or something else that is moving her. While many of those on the Dark Triad derive pleasure from harming others, Daniella derives pleasure from helping others. It is notable that neither Daniella nor her mother feel pity, yet are highly rationally compassionate. Similar to those on the Dark Triad (but due to her ADHD) does Daniella get a kick out of exercise of power, albeit only in the realm of international politics. As comparable to persons on the Dark Triad does Daniella leverage her advanced ability to understand how others think for power purposes although not so in personal life (she did so however as a child to overcome bullying in elementary school) and strictly in the realm of geopolitics which anyway is mainly about national competition among overlapping national interests.

While Daniella is similar to the Dark Triad and Dark Empaths (20% of the population) in that she uses her elevated cognitive empathy to assert power, she generally lacks the Dark traits of the Dark Triad. As an autistic person is Daniella very highly sincere, she only very rarely tells lies in private life; is sceptical of rhetoric which she considers at best a tool for manipulation and at worst a vehicle for disinformation and she never deliberately misinforms or manipulates in her diplomacy and advocacy. In Daniella’s experience is very strictly telling truth from the perspective and interests of the addressee the very best communication policy. Daniella is very unselfish and experiences severe difficulties in pursuing her own personal interests.

Daniella is atypically autistic in the sense of being excellent at understanding perspectives of others (i.e. cognitive empathy) despite autists typically (Daniella is an exception) having a significant deficit in this regard. Research is inconsistent as to whether autists also have deficits in affective empathy. Some studies show that autistic people vary greatly in their respective level of affective empathy. Other studies indicate that autistic people empathize with emotions of positive valence but not with emotions of negative valence. People on the Dark Triad in contrast have low affective empathy and normal cognitive empathy.

What is the state of Daniella’s affective empathy? Daniella experiences very strong rational empathic concern for others in easily becoming mildly teary eyed when watching emotional filmed experiences of others. Witnessing extreme suffering such as documented in Holocaust movies and documentaries about the Animal Industry elicits hysterical crying in Daniella. Daniella thus experiences strong anxiety and discomfort in response to extreme suffering of others. Daniella once legally visited a mink farm as part of a delegation from an animal rights organization and cried when vitnessing the suffering of the minks incarcerated in small cages. The cruel incarceration led to horrible stereotypical behaviors in the minks.

Daniella is successful in influencing international actors by appealing to their own interests without manipulating them and of course and that is the essence of diplomacy, what is less usual is to do this through blogging in a calculated manner for power effects. One may even wonder why such “blogger diplomacy” is almost entirely absent in the online world? Yet, Daniella has a realist view of international politics as based on self-interested actors with subjective formulations of their overlapping respective national interests. Nevertheless, this realist Weltanschauung is grounded in democratic values as Daniella is keenly aware of how dangerous realism is without being grounded in the values of liberty.

What is Daniella’s perspective on mass suffering that she is complicit in causing in the Middle East? Daniella is informed by the rabbinic insight that those who are good to evil people will eventually become evil to good people. While this adage may be construed as a simplistic Manichean worldview this is not the case. The rabbinic adage certainly does not suggest being cruel to evil people, rather it recognizes both the existence of collective evil (e.g. totalitarianism) and the dark triad which cannot be treated leniently. Daniella experiences no remorse or second feelings for suffering in the Middle East that she has become complicit in since the early 2000s. This is in contrast to personal mistakes of hers in life for which she does experience bad conscience.

Daniella recognizes that the Middle East presents a difficult and complex reality for Israel, America and their regional allies to navigate and so necessary decisions invariably have unwanted and/or inadvertent consequences which are sometimes unpredictable. The problem of facing irrational adversaries is partly irresoluble and is pervasive in some areas of the Asian parts of the greater Middle East despite the fact that most political actors in Islamdom are highly rational. The problem with the Palestinians involves the danger of empowering a locally weak (but internationally powerful) enemy with clear and present, pervasive genocidal intent. Experience shows that empowering the Palestinians only aggravates the conflict and has the tragic effect of exacerbating their own suffering. Conventional solutions do not apply as a hypothetical two-state solution (which could only be achieved by unilateral Israeli withdrawal due to Palestinian rejectionism) would lead to significantly worse conflict and subsequent inevitable reoccupation. A one-state solution (without Median Jewish mass immigration) would inevitably lead to a second Holocaust against the Jewish people considering that the Palestinians are the most Anti-Semitic people in the world with a transferist political consensus of completely removing the Jews from Israel. The Palestinian leadership has always recognized that there is nowhere to deport the Jews and has thus always been intent on an eliminationist agenda.

There is however another similarity with the Dark Triad. Daniella practices “switch on and off” regarding her advanced cognitive empathy which she generally does not use on individuals although she is certainly able to. Daniella’s mother is aware of emotions of others without usually experiencing them as her own, an advanced ability that Daniella does not have as Daniella experiences strong emotions of attraction and anger in others. However, Daniella’s “switch on and off” regarding her advanced cognitive empathy is not based on taking advantage of individual others but it is rather used for conventional diplomatic purposes of international power politics. While it is certainly true that international politics is amoral considering its cynical nature Daniella is informed by democratic values of liberty as well as by Jewish ethics.

Daniella identifies as a democratic realist and understands the vital importance to all free societies (including certainly to Israel and Sweden) of maintaining a strong America in global affairs. Daniella has however over the years become less idealist and more realist. International politics of course is a bear pit and Israel’s long-term survival takes precedence over any other concern. Ensuring Israel’s survival is a long-term pre-emptive task as Israel’s existence certainly cannot be taken for granted. Daniella has no compassion for Anti-Semites who attempt to destroy the restored indigenous Jewish nation state and this attitude of hers is derived from the rabbinic insight that those who are compassionate to evildoers will themselves become evil. However, Daniella recognizes the importance of always maintaining as high ethical standards as the situation conceivably allows in dealing with Anti-Semitic enemy populations.

Daniella generally believes in the ancient esoteric philosophical insight on the importance of defending liberty and finds conservatives cynical, liberals naive and socialists foolish. What they share is that their imperialist/universalist epistemological claims originate in certain reinventions (often inversions) of Christian metaphysics. The greatest problem with those ideologies is that they are based on human supremacism in not only causing gargantuan suffering through the atrocious animal industry as a side effect of humanist racial supremacism (homo sapiens sapiens is a race, not a species) but simultaneously destroying the planet and its irreplacable diversity. The world is a highly dysfunctional place and the greatest hope is new technologies such as cellular agriculture and modification of the human genome.

Daniella scored 1.8 on SweSAT (Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test or Högskoleprovet) and did not reach the maximum 2.0 due to completely failing the diagram section. When she was being tested for IQ while being being diagnosed for autism she was not informed that there was a time limit for the test and that it was actually an intelligence test and so took great interest in questions she could not resolve with great focus and with no haste at at all and therefore received what the administering psychologist described as a a “low score” due to not completing the test. SAT tests mostly measure IQ (to a degree of 75%) and a SweSAT score of 1.8 would almost certainly be MENSA-level.

Daniella is sensorially oversensitive to light and sound due to her autism and does become easily exhausted due to sensory overload. Like so many other autistic people, Daniella only has energy and focus for performing one major mission per day aside from her hyperfocus. Because of her ADHD Daniella is completely disorganized in daily life, although she is hyperfocused on things that truly interest her. Due to her ADHD, Daniella cannot focus on reading entire printed books as she is distracted by the fibers in the paper, but she can read e-books. Daniella ceased reading books at age 15 and has since then read relatively few books and thus mostly derived her knowledge from the Internet. Daniella has a short attention span except when hyperfocused on something that genuinely interests her and this is due to her ADHD. Because of her ADHD, Daniella has great difficulty following instructions such as acting upon received directions in the street or cooking according to a food recipe. Daniella is easily distracted because of her ADHD. Daniella finds it very difficult to learn things that she is not interested in and this is due to her ADHD. As a child she almost never did any homework as she found that quite painful, again due due to her ADHD. At the same time does Daniella due to her autism have an encyclopedic memory. As a child she was an autistic “little professor” type of child. Daniella, unlike most autists, is not particularly interested in details but rather in the biggest possible picture.

Because of her ADHD Daniella has a low tolerance for boredom which makes it frustrating when she has no ideas for writing. As a young person at the turn of the millennium was Daniella’s dream to become a neoconservative intellectual and she is living the dream in self-actualization beyond even her wildest dreams two decades ago. However, there is no denial that her vocation is hard and demanding work. Daniella has a disability pension from the Swedish government which practically speaking guarantees her intellectual independence. Daniella lives in her own apartment as part of a staffed collective (group home) for people with neuropsychiatric disabilities with normal to high IQ and is served homemade hot vegan food twice a day in addition to vegan breakfast and vegan evening meal. The collective is run according to Swedish disability-rights legislation by the local municipality and is heavily subsidized.

Daniella is very friendly but is nevertheless relatively ambivalent towards friendship (she is typically mildly awkward and mildly neurotic in social interaction) but certainly not incapable of maintaining friendships and this is due to her autism. Unlike the stereotype of autistic people as introverts is Daniella very extrovert and is generally socially competent and is unlike many autistic people good at reading others. Daniella is not shy or introvert but finds it challenging to start conversations IRL with persons whom she does not know and this is due to her autism. She also finds it psychologically challening to contact anyone on social media, including those whom she previously know and this also due to her autism. Daniella is highly verbal and likes to converse. However, Daniella finds it very difficult to keep secrets and often inadvertently reveals secrets and this is due to her autism. 

Daniella has due to her ADHD trouble copying with stress and is stressed out by small things in everyday life but only rarely in her diplomatic efforts. Due to her ADHD, Daniella finds it very stressful to wait for her turn or for a set time. Daniella is afflicted with time-blindness due to her ADHD which means that she is fleeting in an indeterminate time-sea and is then stressed out when the time is up. Because of her ADHD, Daniella has poor time management skills. Atypically for autistic people Daniella is stressed out by all routines and set times. Daniella has irregular sleeping patterns as sleeping problems often is part of ADHD although this is a relatively recent problem of hers.

As a child did Daniella continue to read words letter-by-letter until second grade when her primary school mother used the evenings to teach her to read full words in Swedish. Daniella had no problem learning to read English, French and Italian since she already knew the the Latin alphabet although her understanding of Italian and French is very limited despite for years having studied those languages at school. Daniella still reads words letter-by-letter in Hebrew although she learnt to recognize some full words in Hebrew particularly those that are part of the main daily and Shabbat prayers in the Siddur (Hebrew prayer book). Daniella speaks fluent Hebrew with a limited vocabulary in having reached Ramat Gimmel (third semester in Hebrew proficiency) but really does not understand much when native Hebrew speakers talk to her in Hebrew. Furthermore, while in school Daniella showed clear signs of dyscalculia in consistently making simple mathematical mistakes of the type 3+3=7 when making a more complex calculation in thus turning the outcome of the entire calculation incorrect. It would appear that those disabilities are due to her autism.

Daniella however does not lack talent for learning languages as she learned to speak first Australian English, then British English and finally American English; all three entirely without a Swedish accent. Daniella learned learned Australian English from watching Australia’s “Neighbours” show as a teenager on television. Daniella picked up British English after listening to BBC World Service during the 1990 Gulf War. Daniella only learned American English after spending five days in the United States as a guest of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) c. 2004.

Daniella has experienced a number of psychotic episodes, after which she completely lost her faith in God and became an atheist. When Daniella is psychotic does she believe that she is God, the Messiah and the head of state of all countries. Daniella is an ex-Orthodox Jew and she still misses being religious but she just can’t believe anymore. Daniella’s paternal grandfather committed suicide by jumping to his death from a mental hospital in Israel. Apparently, there is a price for genius in the family. The brother of Daniella’s maternal grandmother suffered from mental illness for decades. Daniella recovered from her most recent psychotic episode in 2019 and has since suffered from post-psychotic autistic burnout. After recovering Daniella almost lost her ability to speak and became very quiet and Daniella still is not as talkative as she normally is. Daniella suffers from fatigue due to her autistic burnout and spends her days resting, browsing and blogging.

Daniella’s most distressing disability is that due to her autism, she typically does not understand flirtation but instead reacts with confusion. (Daniella thinks: “How do I know if she is really interested in me?”) As a proud lesbian ex-Orthodox Jew is Daniella only interested in halakhically Jewish women (whether rabbinically Jewish or Median Jewish) who have not converted to another religion. Daniella is interested in meeting an Israeli Jewish woman or a Diaspora Jewish woman interested in moving to Israel. Daniella loves and is open to women of all Jewish ethnicities but has a personal preference for Mizrahi Jewish women and in particular Yemenite Jewish women.

Unlike many autistic people is Daniella socially competent and good at reading others and with the exception of flirtation knows intuitively how to socially interact. Many autistic people find the social media easier as they are not expected to read others but for Daniella is the reverse true. Daniella is confident IRL with its to her obvious social conventions but much less confident in the online world where social conventions are much less apparent to her. Daniella finds it stressful and disconcerting to interact with others online without being able to read them IRL. Despite Daniella’s difficulties with social media due to her autism, Daniella prefers getting to know someone for romance online before meeting her IRL due to the advantage provided in being able to delay Daniella’s responses and thus avoiding inadvertently rejecting someone due to misunderstandings because of not understanding flirtation. Daniella has a long history of inadvertently by misunderstanding rejecting women who are interested in her.

Daniella as a disabled person with dual Swedish and Israeli citizenship has remained in Sweden for decades despite wanting to live in Israel as the Israeli welfare state is much less generous than the Swedish one. Moving to Israel as a single person would throw her into deep poverty as the only potential employer in Israel for Daniella as an autistic savant (nearly all Jewish geniuses in Israel are employed by the intelligence sector) is the Mossad and Daniella finds it very difficult and painful indeed to keep secrets and is partially unable to do so although not entirely so.

Daniella failed in her university studies due to her difficulties in reading printed books as due to her ADHD she is distracted by the fibers in the paper. She also failed in menial work because she was considered too slow. In the winter of 1993-94 she worked at a McDonald’s restaurant in Stockholm but was fired after a few months due to being too slow. When she studied Modern Hebrew in Israel in 1994 she lived and worked on Kibbutz Gal On in central Israel and worked part-time in the kibbutz factory but they were dissatisfied with her work and apparently for her being too slow. This perceived, relative slowness is apparently trait-level mental retardation due to uneven native talent. Since Daniella has no university degree and cannot do menial work, she is completely dependent on her disability pension. While working in the intelligence world in theory would be ideal for Daniella (in fact this is her only possible employment option) this is problematic as it could compromise her independence as an intellectual and a writer. Furthermore, her difficulties in keeping secrets makes this an even more problematic option. However, Daniella would not be able to work regular office hours due to her highly irregular sleeping patterns although she could in principle work from home. Daniella received exemptions from military service in both Sweden and Israel as this was years before her savant skills were internationally discovered.

Daniella is a trans woman and would certainly have preferred to have been born in a cis-female body yet does not want to undergo the multiple-years process leading to gender reassignment surgery due to the immense inconvenience involved to her as an neuropsychiatrically disabled person with the entire process. Daniella is demisexual light in that she experiences only very mild sexual attraction to strangers. She has however an introjective affective empath secondary experience of the sexual arousal others experience for her when they are trying to flirt with her. Daniella experiences fairly strong sexual attraction to persons whom she already know and whom she finds attractive, but it is uncertain whether it would be enough for sex. However, those sexual experiences that Daniella had in the past (all casual sex) did Daniella find uninteresting.

However in order to be sufficiently sexually aroused to perform penetrative sex must this happen with a person with whom Daniella has already formed a strong emotional bond. It should be pointed out that this is not due to lack of virility on her part as there is certainly no problem in this respect but the physical presence of a nude woman with whom Daniella has not yet strongly bonded with is simply not sufficiently sexually arousing and will therefore at best produce semi-erection.

Daniella finds most pornography repulsive and tasteless but is turned on by pornography with artistic (literary or cineastic) qualities irrespective of subgenre of sexual specialization. Daniella has almost no sexual fantasies and would certainly not find it sexually arousing to realize those that she have unless with someone whom she has developed a very close emotional bond. The same is true with pornographic scenarios that Daniella is turned on by.

While generally being lesbian in terms of which humans she is attracted to, she is bisexual with respect to persons from the greater Middle East and this is a racial sexual preference as she has a general (although not exclusive) sexual preference for persons from the greater Middle East. However, she is certainly lesbian in that she is only interested in a committed relationship with a fellow woman, i.e. Daniella is unequivocally lesbian in her romantic orientation. Daniella is a great believer in optimal transparency in all dimensions of human life and is highly open about herself to all. Daniella is an ethical vegan since 1997 and became a health vegan as early as in 1987 at a time when veganism was very uncommon and Daniella was only 13 years old although her health veganism only lasted for a few years.

Daniella was born in Sweden to a Romanian-born Jewish father and a secular Lutheran Swedish mother. Daniella converted to Judaism as a young adult. Daniella first underwent a Conservative conversion in Stockholm which was recognized as valid by the Modern Orthodox rabbi of Stockholm as Daniella became Orthodox and observant. Daniella subsequently underwent an Ultra-Orthodox giyur lechumra (literally “strict conversion”) at the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem. Daniella’s years as Orthodox in Israel and Sweden were the best years in her life but due to her experience of psychosis she completely lost her faith and became an atheist.

Daniella’s paternal grandparents (Herman and Aneta Bartfeld) moved to Israel from Romania in 1948 and Daniella has two Israeli cousins, Amos Ron and Gadi Singer. Daniella’s father Avram Bartfeld (a Holocaust survivor) changed his name to Andrei Bart in Communist Romania and although Daniella’s legal name is Daniel Bart does she use the online name Daniella Bartfeld. Everyone calls her Daniella. Daniella’s pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her’. Daniella used to wear women’s clothes daily with makeup and a pink wig but no longer does so.