The Future of Judaism

What is the state of rabbinic Judaism? Orthodox Judaism is sliding evermore into fundamentalism and bigotry but is making a good job in terms of sheer survival. Conservative Judaism is making a particularly poor job at survival despite cultivating the best rabbinical traditions. Reform Judaism in the United States pursues an astoundingly successful survival strategy in having succeeded in convincing most intermarried American Jews to raise their children Jewish. The only question is whether it will hold over the generations.

  1. The first challenge of non-Orthodox rabbinic Judaism is to transform itself into religious Zionism, turn itself into an Aliyah movement and thus motivate Diaspora Jews to make Aliyah.
  2. The second challenge of non-Orthodox rabbinic Judaism is to prepare itself to attractively recreate Jewish community and Jewish education in the Metaverse.
  3. The third challenge of non-Orthodox rabbinic Judaism is to create a free computerized psychometric matchmaking service for Diaspora Jews only, funded entirely by the Israeli government and encourage all Diaspora Jewish singles to have themselves comprehensively psychometrically tested for free.
  4. The fourth challenge of non-Orthodox rabbinic Judaism is to use the event of the public rediscovery of Median Judaism to energize and motivate a religious revival in terms of non-Orthodox religious Zionism as well as to bring back non-Zionist Jews to Zionism generally.
  5. The fifth challenge of non-Orthodox rabbinic Judaism is to excommunicate all Anti-Zionists from the midst of their movements, beginning with Anti-Zionist rabbinical and cantorial students.
  6. The sixth challenge is to accept that the high tech messianic times have arrived without a supernatural messiah and embrace neo-Sumerian ritual sex. Turning synagogues into sex temples will make non-Orthodox rabbinic Judaism profoundly attractive.

What will happen to rabbinic Judaism when Median Judaism is rediscovered and Mandaeism is recognized as the common origin of both? No doubt a complete theological revolution in non-Orthodox Judaism but what will happen in Orthodox Judaism, will Orthodox Judaism make different readings of rabbinic standpoints in light of the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing considering Median Judaism and Mandaeism? This is unlikely to happen without a supernatural Messiah, who of course will never appear since the supernatural does not exist.

For Median Judaism is the challenge primarily to drop the pseudo-Islamic veneer and return to their Israelite roots. For Mandaeism is the challenge to drop centuries of dissimulation and revive ancient Sumerian religion.