Deconstructing Humanism

Humanism is Janus-faced, it is both supreme evil and utter good. How is it supreme evil? It is a form of racial supremacism as Homo sapiens sapiens is a subspecies (i.e. a race) and humanism is the global supremacist ideology of that very race. Humanism is also utter good in ensuring so-called ”human rights” to varying degrees in countries around the world. Humanism is furthermore the ideology behind the welfare state and liberal democracy. However, it cannot be ignored that humanism is the very ideology that justifies the atrocious, gargantuan animal industry around the world and which leaves non-human animals without rights. However, simply discrediting humanism would in itself be calamitous as it would through the baby out with the bathwater, rather humanism needs to be extended in the form of citizenship to non-human animal members of human societies as well as territorial and individual rights for wild animals and territorial rights for other species. However, what should be discarded is the term humanism, which should be replaced by the word animalism and the extended human rights should be referred to as simply natural rights.