Pansexual Polyamory

For various reasons have humans traditionally come to live in heterosexual pairs but is this really optimal in terms of our desires and our emotional and social potential? With psychometric mass matching could we find not only one soulmate but multiple soulmates to live in polyamorous family units where all partners match each other. The fact is that most people fantasize about group sex and polyamorous families is a social ideal that we should strive for. 

Furthermore, normative heterosexuality is learned and the homo-hetero spectrum includes people who are predominantly heterosexual but not exclusively so. Studies show that heterosexuals are aroused by samesex pornography. In addition, there is the phenomenon of polyamory across gender boundaries in the LGBTQIA+ community whereby a gay couple invites a lesbian into their bedroom or a lesbian couple invites a gay man into their bedroom but certainly would not invite a heterosexual. This strongly indicates that bisexuality can be learned and that most people in theory would be open to bisexual relations if this was the social norm. This is so as as aesthetic attraction is as important as sexual attraction. 

The current paradigm is that of dominant heterosexualism along with barely tolerated sexual minorities but is this really optimal? Should we not strive for and educate for pansexual polyamory as the new norm? Certainly, growing up with multiple parents is ideal for children and forming polyamorous family units would create greater economic family security.

Of course this is not to suggest that everyone will want to live according to pansexual polyamory but society should actively educate towards that norm while of course tolerating those who prefer otherwise. We need to work towards setting a new norm and psychometric mass matching for intimate relationships that would also match for polyamory could help kickstart the process.