Ending the War on Drugs

The war on drugs has long since been lost with calamitous consequences for society. Europe is becoming Americanized with respect to illegal drug use as recreational drug use is becoming increasingly commonplace. The societal price is staggering with huge profits for organized crime and an increasingly violent society. While recreational drug use is socially undesirable, all efforts to eliminate the increasingly spreading use of recreational drugs have completely failed and the world is now undergoing a wave of legalization of cannabis.

Unfortunately, cannabis legalization is not enough. Politicians must face the stark reality that they have already long since lost the war on drugs and that the only choice is to decriminalize most recreational drugs with the main exception of heroin. This must be combined with a legally compulsory program for containing all heroinists in methadone reserves physically isolated from the outside world. Legalization in combination with methadone reserves will completely kill the market for illicit drugs and will radically decrease crime and violence in society.