The Messianic Age

Biblical scientists say that the Torah (Pentateuch) was written only after the return from the Babylonian captivity in the 6th century BCE. Both Rabbinic Judaism and Samaritanism are largely based on the Torah which crucially means that Median Judaism is pre-Torah. However, Median Judaism has to varying degrees embraced Biblical Judaism, from wholeheartedly in Ethiopian Median Judaism (Beta Israel) to a limited influence in Alevism to probably nearly not at all in Yezidism whose Judaic practices are likely nearly all pre-Torah since most of the population of the Northern Kingdom of Israel was exiled in the 8th century BCE, two centuries before the Torah was written.

This raises the question of what is the common origin of Judaism (the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah & the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel) if not the Torah? It is true that pre-Torah Judaism emerged from what was then a synthesis of Crypto-Sumerian Atenism and Canaanite Polytheism. What is the nature of Esoteric Judaism? What is the true vision of the Messianic Age? Does Esoteric Judaism envision a return to the Sumerian origin of Judaism in the Messianic Era? Was this why the second Sabbatean Messiah Jacob Frank (1726-1791) revived Sumerian ritual sex? Was Jacob Frank privy to the secrets of Esoteric Judaism as revealed by the poskim (rabbinic decisors) to the then recognized Mashiach rabbi Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and transferred by him to yet others in the Sabbatean movement? None of this is meant to endorse the Frankists but rather to suggest that Frank was privy to the messianic (neo-Sumerian) teachings as revealed to the top poskim of the generation to Zevi.

Alawites, Alevis, Bektashis, Druze, Sabbateans, Yarsanis, Yezidis as well as Ismailis (who are Shia Muslims but seem to be connected with Median Judaism) are all separately accused of ritual sex by Muslims. It is only in the case of Sabbateans that historians know that ritual sex have in fact taken place but it is impossible to know whether Sumerian ritual sex still occurs in the other denominations.

This raises the question of a Zionist understanding of Judaism. What if we can reach the messianic age through high tech? What if we can end adult ageing through bioengineering? What if we can create a Neo-Sumerian sexual utopia by eradicating sexually transmitted diseases where we all are eternally young and engage in ideologically pansexual group sex? What if we can end crime by removing the Dark Triad (psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism) from the gene pool? Most societal problems can be resolved through high tech.

What if we can return to our Sumerian origins, including Sumerian ritual sex without risk of sexually transmitted diseases in a new society where we all are forever young and where disease associated with ageing has been eradicated? What if obesity can be ended through bioengineering and low intelligence and unsightliness can be ended through genetic engineering? What if we all become so sexually attractive that no obstacles remain to the realization of a pansexual neo-Sumerian society? The high tech messianic age has already arrived and we should all embrace it! The vegan age as imagined by the Israelite prophet Isaiah is already emerging with advanced plant-based replacements for animal products and lab-grown meat, dairy, honey, fish and egg. What if the messianic age is up to us to realize just as the ingathering of the exiles?