The Case for a Military Coup in Israel

Israeli liberal democracy won’t survive due to exponential Haredi demographic growth and so the only question is when to change system of government? It is true that the proportion of Haredim in the population will temporarily become smaller due Median Jewish mass Aliyah in the coming decades, but there will nevertheless be a Haredi populationContinue reading “The Case for a Military Coup in Israel”

Look Who is Talking

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns of the danger of order refusal. This is quite rich coming the day after he violated the orders of the Attorney General and the Supreme Court and involved himself with the judicial overhaul. If even Bibi does not follow orders, why should any one else in Israel feel compelled toContinue reading “Look Who is Talking”

Misinterpreting Smotrich

The State Department out of sheer ignorance misinterprets Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and misses the distinctive nuances of Israeli discourse. What Smotrich meant by saying that there is no Palestinian culture is that there is no specifically Palestinian Arab culture distinctive from other Levantine Arab cultures such as Jordanian and Syrian culture. When sayingContinue reading “Misinterpreting Smotrich”

The HDP Must Stay Legal

The Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus would be particularly well-advised to ensure that the HDP is not proscribed in court. While the HDP could participate in the elections under another name, there is no reason why it should have to and it is the duty of the Derin Devlet to ensure theContinue reading “The HDP Must Stay Legal”

Et tu, Yariv

Israel’s minister of justice Yariv Levin now claims that the government is no longer obliged to obey the Supreme Court. If so, why should the IDF any longer be obliged to obey the government? Israeli liberal democracy has long been teetering towards the abyss by courting the very enemies of open society who seek toContinue reading “Et tu, Yariv”

A Jewish and Liberal State

Median Jewish mass Aliyah in the tens of millions will only delay with a few decades the point where Haredim become a majority in the State of Israel. This means that Israel requires a new political system for the long term, one based on juristocracy and where religious political parties are banned under a liberalContinue reading “A Jewish and Liberal State”

The Second Ataturkian Age

The Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus should prepare to gradually implement a second Ataturkian revolution in a post-Erdogan Turkey, this time with a new agenda. What is an Ataturkian revolution? It is an authoritarian liberal revolution in a country not ready for liberal democracy, this is precisely what is currently happening inContinue reading “The Second Ataturkian Age”

The Northern War is a War of No Choice

The neutralization of the Iranian nuclear weapons program is most clearly a war of no choice because the completion of the nuclear weapons program would pose an existential threat against the State of Israel. This is clear, but is the ensuing Northern War also a war of no choice? The answer to that question isContinue reading “The Northern War is a War of No Choice”

Liberal Democracies Should Care for Each Other

The Israeli government is wrong in rejecting the European Union expressing concerns regarding the judicial overhaul considering that it has problematic aspects that need to fixed, preferably through a consensual comprise. The intention of Brussels is pure, they care about Israeli liberal democracy and any patriotic Israeli or friend of Israel certainly ought to welcomeContinue reading “Liberal Democracies Should Care for Each Other”

Chicken or Egg in Arabia

The US government should consider brokering a semi-secret MENA defense alliance. It would be known to all but it would allow Arab governments plausible deniability for some more time. It has generally been presumed that peace agreements with Israel (particularly between Riyadh and Jerusalem) are a prerequisite for a MENA defense alliance but perhaps itContinue reading “Chicken or Egg in Arabia”

Treacherous, Cowardly and Transgressive: The Role of Muslim Anti-Semitism in Iranian Strategic Perception vis-a-vis the United States

There is no way around seeing the United States the way the Islamic Republic of Iran sees the United States of America, namely as the global Jewish conspiracy incarnate to destroy Islam. This comes with a mixture of modern conspiratorial Anti-Semitism and classical Muslim Anti-Semitism replete with certain stereotypes which are less frequently attributed toContinue reading “Treacherous, Cowardly and Transgressive: The Role of Muslim Anti-Semitism in Iranian Strategic Perception vis-a-vis the United States”

Perceived US Weakness Invites “Death of America”

The Biden administration needs to formulate a strategy of strength vis-a-vis Iran. Why is that so? Because of Iran’s intention to implement ”Death of America”, namely Iran’s plan to attack major American cities with biological weapons during the Russo-Iranian WWIII against Europe and the MENA region. What can the US do?  Perception of strength isContinue reading “Perceived US Weakness Invites “Death of America””

When is Iran Planning to Attack the American Homeland?

“The Death of America will happen.” Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei Iran assumes that no one will dare neutralize the Iranian nuclear weapons program, but they have a backup response plan for that event which involves destroying Israel. This future conflict is known in Israel as theContinue reading “When is Iran Planning to Attack the American Homeland?”

What is President Biden Afraid Of?

Ukraine has been sufficiently armed to defend itself but not liberate its occupied territories. That’s the painful reality that Ukrainians are facing. Yet, President Biden and many of his European allies are still apparently entertaining some Russian propaganda delusions that sufficiently arming Ukraine would have ”dangerous consequences”. The question is who is deterring whom? CurrentlyContinue reading “What is President Biden Afraid Of?”

Saudi-Iranian Resumption of Diplomatic Relations are Good News

The Chinese-brokered agreement to resume normal diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Tehran means that an Iranian invasion of the KSA after Israel (and the US) neutralize the Iranian nuclear weapons program, is off the table and that is good news for the global economy. Yet, it does not mean that the threat of an IranianContinue reading “Saudi-Iranian Resumption of Diplomatic Relations are Good News”

Building a Triangular Arab-Israeli-American Relationship

The Abraham Accords are founded on the common roots and heritage of Muslims, Jews and Christians. Christian America is that third indispensable partner that will make a a MENA defense alliance between Jewish Israel and Muslim Arab nations successful. It is doubtful in the extreme as to whether this will work without America’s full andContinue reading “Building a Triangular Arab-Israeli-American Relationship”

The US National Interest Requires US Membership in a MENA Defense Alliance

Iran is planning to roll its tanks all the way through the MENA region to the Atlantic coast of Morocco and Israel is the most significant obstacle in its way. There are serious problems with the nascent MENA alliance in all its phases: Why is this a US interest? Because this will paradoxically make theContinue reading “The US National Interest Requires US Membership in a MENA Defense Alliance”

Cutting the Gordian Knot

There are currently intense trilateral US-Saudi-Israeli negotiations aimed at reaching a peace agreement between Riyadh and Jerusalem. Riyadh has two demands – down from three. The KSA demands security guarantees from the US and that Washington helps Riyadh develop a domestic nuclear program, including indigenous uranium enrichment. MBS has apparently dropped the demand for USContinue reading “Cutting the Gordian Knot”

The PA Should Act and Stop Complaining

The PA as usual complains loudly about Israeli counter-terrorist operations in Jenin and Nablus. However, the reality is that if the PA dealt with the terrorists then Israel would not have to eliminate them. Israel tries to arrest the terrorists and when they try to kill the Israelis, they are the ones who end upContinue reading “The PA Should Act and Stop Complaining”

Disarm the Temple Mount “Bomb”

The Temple Mount is almost universally regarded as a powder keg although it is certainly not. If religious extremists were able to ignite a religious war they would already have done so. The canard according to which Israel plans to build a Third Temple on the Temple Mount has become part of the Arab consensus.Continue reading “Disarm the Temple Mount “Bomb””

Iran’s Academic Army

Iran has invested heavily in recruiting, training and nurturing academic agents of influence in Western nations. This is a formidable force devoted to downplaying the Iranian threat, falsely claiming that so-called ”reformist” Islamists have real influence and generally acting apologists for the Iranian regime. It is vital that Western decision makers are made aware thatContinue reading “Iran’s Academic Army”

Palestinian Statehood has Become a Fixation

Those in the international community who issue condemnations against Israel for authorizing young indigenous communities and for increasing construction in established indigenous communities live in the past. Neither side is interested in the creation of a Palestinian state next to Israel and even if they wanted to create a Palestinian state they could certainly notContinue reading “Palestinian Statehood has Become a Fixation”

Kilicdaroglu for President

Good Party leader Meral Aksener may have a point that Istanbul mayor Ekrem Imamoglu or Ankara mayor Mansur Yavas would win the Turkish presidential elections by a larger margin than would CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu. However, as long as Kilicdaroglu is a likely winner is he much preferable as the opposition presidential candidate. Everything isContinue reading “Kilicdaroglu for President”

More of the Same Please

While the official US condemnation of Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich’s outrageous statement regarding the Palestinian town of Huwara certainly was warranted, one would wish that we would hear similar condemnations when senior Palestinian officials engage in incitement. While the US generally opposes Palestinian incitement and rightly so, the State Department declines to issue publicContinue reading “More of the Same Please”

The Security Council got it Right

“The Security Council reiterates that continuing Israeli settlement activities are dangerously imperiling the viability of the two-State solution based on the 1967 lines.” UNSC Presidential Statement, February 20, 2023 It has long been claimed that construction in indigenous Israeli communities of Judea and Samaria endangers a two-state solution. The fact is that it only preventsContinue reading “The Security Council got it Right”

We Need a Global Democratic Strategy

I have suggested a global strategy for democracy, for both defending democracies from internal/external threats and spreading this ethically supreme form of government to yet other countries. Whether one agrees or not with my proposals, what is indisputable is that there is an urgent need for a global strategy for the shrinking global community ofContinue reading “We Need a Global Democratic Strategy”