Partitioning Syria and Lebanon

While generally the solution for Median Jewry is Aliyah to Israel, the situation in Syria and Lebanon is different due to geographic proximity to Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. Israel needs to make every effort to engage leading Alawites in the Syrian government to persuade them of the benefits for the Alawite people (economic, political,Continue reading “Partitioning Syria and Lebanon”

The Seventh Transformation

Median Judaism in the Middle East has undergone a number of major transformations throughout the ages since the exile of the Israelites from the northern kingdom of Israel 27 centuries ago. 1) The first phase was the Assyrian phase when the deported Israelites for the first time went off the radar of documented history intoContinue reading “The Seventh Transformation”

Genocide is not “a Jewish Problem”

The conclusion of the recent meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett did according to Prime Minister Bennett surpass Israel’s expectations. The essential conclusion that it is an American responsibility to strategically degrade the Iranian nuclear weapons program is an important message to Iran that the US and Israel will not let Iran invadeContinue reading “Genocide is not “a Jewish Problem””

Let My People Go

Iran does not permit its rabbinically Jewish minority to emigrate to Israel and would not permit its millions of Yarsanis and other Median Jews (Alevis, Yezidis and Zoroastrians in addition to the Mandaeans who are pre-Israelite Jews) to do so either. It is unclear how Muslim and ex-Muslim Kurdish nationalists (including the the Kurdistan RegionContinue reading “Let My People Go”

Israel’s Threatened Democracy

Israeli liberal democracy has lived under external threat since Israel’s founding in 1948. There is however also a threat from within. 25% of the Knesset is occupied by explicitly anti-democratic political parties. 30 mandates out of a total 120 seats in the Knesset. 3 Marxist-Leninists, 4 Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood and 23 advocates ofContinue reading “Israel’s Threatened Democracy”

Redeeming Judea and Samaria

Judea and Samaria have long remained terra nullius due to the demographic size of the Palestinian population there still being proportionally too large for full incorporation into the Jewish state. The Jewish fertility rate in Israel is rising while the Palestinian fertility rate is falling with the exception of the Negev Bedouins. Currently both JewishContinue reading “Redeeming Judea and Samaria”

The Northern Jurisdiction of Israel

The jurisdiction of Israelite religion was split in two with the partition of the Israelite united monarchy into the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah in separate independent states in the year 930 BCE. In the Middle East, the religious jurisdiction of the northern kingdom has long since been split intoContinue reading “The Northern Jurisdiction of Israel”