Recognizing Gender Diversity

Although there are rare intersexuals who are born intermediate between the two sexes, most humans (including nearly all intersexuals) are born with either female or male sex. This must not be confused with personal performance of gender. It is a mistake to assume that everyone who does not identify as non-binary belongs to one of only two genders. This disguises the enormous gender diversity in humanity. We need to recognize the wider gender diversity and should thus strive to abolish the dichotomy between fictional “binary gender” and non-binary gender. We must dissolve and discredit the very notion of binary gender itself by affirming and naming many existing genders which currently form part of the non-existing “gender binary” and furthermore engage in gender innovation and thus creatively design new genders. Advanced new 3D printers could allow us to daily print new clothes from yesterday’s clothes and that could significantly help dissolve the fictional “gender binary”.