Blasphemy and Apostasy

It is essential to stand against those who won’t respect blasphemy and apostasy and this is especially a problem in Islam. It is the duty of designers and artists to engage in mass blasphemy such as festivals of blasphemy and competitions in blasphemy so as to fully normalize blasphemy in society and compel those who don’t accept blasphemy to respect it. Persecution against apostates is completely unacceptable and societies and governments must support those who leave religion or change their religion. Here is the thing: You may not like blasphemy and you may not find it funny but you must respect it as legitimate freedom of expression even when it is tasteless and not funny. The notion that religions should be ”respected” is bizarre, freedom of religion must include the right to disrespect religion and the religious must respect that, even if they don’t like it. However, it is an entirely different matter if it veers into prejudice, bigotry, and hatred against people such as against Muslims. The problem currently is that Islamists are able to to very effectively scare people from performing blasphemy in Islam while prejudice, bigotry and hatred against Muslims are increasingly normalized in many majority non-Muslim societies. Islamists also claim that it is ostensibly prejudiced to criticize their totalitarian political ideology, something which fuels prejudice against Muslims by confusing Islamists with Muslims in general.