Deconstructing Liberalism

Liberalism is fundamental to modern democracy, yet is predicated on a fallacy, namely that of tabula rasa, i.e. the notion of congenital human genetic equality. This is ridiculous as everyone is aware of the existence of congenital disabilities and the range of distribution in human intelligence. This is similar to the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. The idea in liberalism is that those who fail in the capitalist system do so because they are lazy (don’t do their homework in school and don’t work hard enough). Nazis believed that liberalism was a Jewish conspiracy while Communists never understood that capitalism is a struggle of intelligence. Liberalism with the universal school system, meritocracy and capitalism is rather a system which systematically benefits the more intelligent and systematically discriminates against the relatively less intelligent of all genetic origins. A proper critique of liberalism is thus a critique of how the intelligent of all genetic origins abuse their privileges at the expense of the less intelligent. In writing this I am of course aware how this could be abused by accusing Jews/Israelis of being “intelligent” which is ridiculous since there is no lack of Jews/Israelis with low IQ.The Palestinians like everyone else are led by a highly intelligent elite who are abusing their privileges at the expense of everyone else.   

Disability is yet another starting point for deconstructing liberalism and its underlying ridiculous fallacy of tabula rasa. First we must conclude that libertarianism as an extreme form of liberalism is immoral and unscientific with its fanatic, irrational and unfounded belief in tabula rasa, i.e. congenital human genetic equality. The consequences of libertarianism for disabled people are literally horrifying.

We must recognize genetic inequality while demanding individualized social equality. This requires a new social contract whereby nearly all disabled people are required to work gainfully while at the same time society is legally required to adjust to the varied needs of disabled people. The ostensibly “competitive” school system where the more intelligent always win must be revamped. People with low intelligence must be granted equal opportunity and not as of now barred from higher education. 

Yes, those who become wealthy are necessarily highly intelligent as they are entrepreneurs and create jobs for others. Is it a problem that they become wealthy? No, not unless others are poor. What is rather needed is for the state to incentivize parents to endow their offspring with genetics that is conducive to economic success. Yet we must embrace excellence in genetic diversity, not in genetic conformity.