Emancipation of Animals

Is emancipation of animals conceivable? Surprisingly as this may seem, this is mainly a technological issue. Cellular agriculture will within the foreseeable future supplant the entire animal food industry as it is known today as there will certainly be no excuse for keeping any of it in existence. This is only a question of innovation of bringing existing technologies for cellular agriculture into economic mass scale. Similarly, billions need to be poured into developing animal-free testing for the pharmaceutical industry. This is just a matter of political will or alternatively persuading a few mega-billionaires to make the investment. This is all very conceivable as it is purely an issue of good will. What about roadkills? Artificial intelligence in future self-driving cars can be made sensitive to animals as well so as to avoid killing millions of animals on the roads and roads should be walled and fenced to prevent the entry of animals onto roads. Animals should be granted the right to free veterinary care as so many domesticated species have effectively been made members of human society and should certainly be fully treated as such. Will human society go vegan? No it will not, but human society will only consume animal products grown in gargantuan sterile bioreactors in laboratory conditions. We need to legally under international law recognize a novel concept of animalship, namely overlapping layers of animal sovereignty over nature. We also need a universal declaration of natural rights of domesticated animals as full members of human society.