Resolving the Problem of Negative Fertility

Why is it that many nations have negative fertility rates? One important reason is that many people don’t have children at all due to remaining single. In fact, loneliness is a serious societal problem that is an important factor contributing to negative fertility rates and in some countries to housing shortages due to so many people living in single person households. What then can be done about it? The fact is that today many people find it challenging and indeed very difficult to find a significant other. Online dating is still very rudimental, low tech and indeed primitive as these online services don’t have an interest in customers finding a match as soon as possible but rather them remaining customers for as long as possible so as to continually expand their customer base. Therefore is there indeed an inherent conflict of interest.

What is needed is something entirely different and it cannot conceivably be run by the private sector. The government needs to establish a government Fertility Agency tasked with promoting matchmaking through strictly scientific psychometric online computerized mass matching. Singles would free of charge be very strictly scientifically psychometrically tested in all relevant respects including regarding preferences for physical features, bodily odors and specialized sexualized preferences and would subsequently be mass matched on the entire tested population so as to produce the most accurate and complementary matches possible. The matching system would of course provide polyamorous and same-sex matches as well for those who so desire. Religious affiliation as part of the psychometric mass matching should also be registered so as to allow for people to find their match within their own denomination/religion.

The national interest is for young people to marry and procreate as early as possible and governments should indeed indeed legalize polyamorous marriage options. Therefore, this is not something that should be left for the private sector to do since it is in the interest of online dating services that people keep on dating for as long as possible.