The Question of Legal Minors

Bigots around the world tout so-called ”family values” when they in fact want to intimidate and silence LGBTQI people and prevent their emancipation. Bigots sometimes defend their discrimination against LGBTQI people by claiming to ”defend children”. However, the question of children is rarely if ever discussed.

The reality is that a significant percentage of human adults are socially unfit for acting parents, this includes alcohol addicts, drug addicts, persons with personality disorders, criminals, domestic abusers, parents who sexually abuse their children and those who beat their children. Then there is the general issue of authoritarianism within the home with children effectively being the property of their parents, similar to the status of women prior to their emancipation. What is the total of parents unsuitable for parenthood? An educated guess would be that this could amount to up to a third of all adults. Families thus are far from being a paradise for children.

There are further problem, being raised in families causes sexual repression, reproduces gender stereotypes and generally suffers from lack of access to legal recourse as a child generally does not have the right to their own attorney and cannot legally apply to get new parents.

The youth movement in the United States seeking emancipation for legal minors has failed to gain wide traction and perhaps so because its demands were not radical enough? While a majority of parents do a reasonably good job at parenting seen from contemporary moral standards, a huge minority does not and that makes the institution of the family indefensible. This of course is not to suggest that children should be raised in institutions but rather that ethically eugenic feminist youth villages that would end compulsory heterosexuality/monogamy/gender-binarism and irrational sexual repression provides a far better option for all children.