Attraction and Pansexuality

Who will we sleep with? The answer is that this is often decided by sexual identity. The hegemonic idea is that we only have sex with those whom we are sexually attracted to but this is not true. Most people will have sex with people whom they are not sexually attracted to. In addition to sexual attraction there is also emotional, physical, romantic and aesthetic attraction and those are perfectly valid reasons for having sex with someone. Defining erotic orientation only based on sexual attraction is too limited. Even those who define themselves as ostensibly ”exclusive” heterosexuals and ”exclusive” homosexuals typically have sex with persons whom they are not sexually attracted to. And so if ostensible ”heterosexuals” are non-sexually attracted to persons of the same sex, why not have sex with such persons considering that they have sex with persons of the other sex whom they are non-sexually attracted to? We need to delete the entire discourse on ”sexual orientation” since most sexually active people are not limited in choosing erotic partners according to sexual attraction. The notion of ”sexual orientation” is unscientific and must be discredited.