Beyond Chronological Age

Chronological age has become a distinctly bureaucratic concept and is certainly antiquated with other conceptions of age being contextually far more relevant. 

Chronological retirement has become a severe economic burden on mature industrialized economies. It certainly does not make sense that able-bodied persons should stop working at a certain chronological age and in some countries also due to legal gender. Rather what is logical for the elderly is to gradually work less hours. Chronological retirement should be entirely abolished and instead should disability pension be given to elderly individuals when they can no longer work gainfully.

The pre-academic system of education is extremely inefficient and should be entirely privatized, yet with 100% public funding. I have written elsewhere as to how to streamline the system of education and make it far more efficient and rapid. Fundamentally must students be made interested in subjects before commencing studying them in an accelerated fashion. The goal should thus be for students to enter the job market at a far earlier age, indeed the earliest possible age. The notion of students studying a given number of semesters and years must thus be abandoned in favor of target-oriented studies. Pupils should start school when individually mature and with psychological peers irrespective of chronological age.

Innumerable quantitative studies with college samples show that intergenerational sex is not traumatizing for children, this of course does not mean that children should not be protected from adult sexual exploitation and incest. The reality however is that many children are sexually active long before puberty and not necessarily with age peers. Age of consent laws based on the greatly varying age limits in different jurisdictions are arbitrary and certainly antiquated. New legislation is required that enhances the sexual agency of children while protecting them from abuse.

Legal minors are a category of human beings who remain to be emancipated. The chronological age of majority should be abolished. Children should be given the right to vote irrespective of age. Computerized tests should be devised to determine who is suitable for driving. Children should be given the right to divorce their parents and opt for new parents of their own choice or alternatively living in youth collectives in the style of children’s homes of Israeli kibbutzim.