Feminist Revolution

The societal model created by the feminist PYD (Democratic Union Party) in NES (North and East Syria) is an appropriate model for liberalization and democratization of societies that are not yet read for liberal democracy such as Turkey. Nevertheless, the fact that gender equality is yet to penetrate traditional society in NES proves that changing the superstructure is insufficient and that the base must be changed as well which shows the need for technological change as an intrinsic part of the feminist revolution particularly artificial uteri, household robots and genetic elimination of the Dark Triad (Psychopathy/ASPD, Narcissism and Machiavellianism) so as to very significantly reduce domestic abuse. Therefore the PYD should change its negative attitude towards capitalism and embrace the welfare state which works even in poor countries as proven by the case of the Indian state of Kerala. The fact is that the technological changes required to implement the advanced stages of the feminist revolution can only happen through capitalism and be implemented by the welfare state and this needs to be recognized by the Apoist movement.