A Kurdish National Strategy

Apoists and the KRG need to unite around a concerted Kurdish national strategy. What is realistic, achievable, feasible and possible? Briefly, this is an independent Kurdish state in Rojava, Bashur and Rojhelat and autonomous regions in Bakur and Zazaistan respectively within the Republic of Turkey. Considering that Rojhelat has a particularly negative experience with Islamism and theocracy, liberal democracy is quite feasible in an independent Kurdish state in half of Kurdistan and so free and fair elections in such a state will certainly not lead to success for Islamists.

  1. Rojhelatis must promote consensus among Iranian ethnic minority oppositionals around the creation of a confederal Iran with linguistic states as member states of the union. After all, non-Persians make up 55% of the population of Iran. There should be lobbying to promote this in Washington.
  2. Rojava and Bashur must integrate economically while awaiting Rojhelat’s liberation.
  3. Bashur must adopt Rojava’s feminist strategies for liberalization and democratization.
  4. Rojava and Bashur must jointly and with Israeli knowhow create a domestic arms industry.
  5. Rojava and Bashur must create military power and arm themselves in every way possible
  6. AANES must make preparations to become the new government in Damascus after Israel’s Northern War and thus strategically reach the sea.
  7. An Alevi secular dictatorship with Kurdish rights leading to autonomies for Bakuris and Zazas is the best possible option considering that most Turkish religious Muslims and half of all Bakuri Muslims vote for the Islamist parties in Turkish elections. Such a dictatorship would be run by the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus and influenced by Israel in order to protect and enable Median Jewish emigration to Israel.
  8. Considering the danger of a Russo-Iranian WWIII in Europe and the MENA region, Free Kurdistan must affirmatively position itself in the American camp and strengthen its ties with Israel, the UK, EU nations, Turkey and of course above all the United States.
  9. AANES needs to normalize relations with Ankara.
  10. AANES needs to promote a far larger American military presence in NES.
  11. After Rojhelat is liberated, a de facto independent state can and should be brought about without declaring independence until there is international support and the new state is militarily extremely strong. E.g. should a common currency and a joint military be launched already once Rojhelat is liberated.
  12. PYD should end all direct and indirect ties with the PKK until a peace agreement is attained for Bakur and Zazaistan.
  13. All Kurdish political parties should convene to draft a secret Kurdish national covenant and a constitution for an independent liberal-democratic state in half of Kurdistan to be implemented in the event of the fall of the Khomeinist regime.
  14. The new state should be decentralized with large cantons as federal subjects.
  15. Diaspora Kurds and friends of the Kurds should be encouraged to discreetly advocate for the new strategy in foreign capitals in order to ensure international recognition as soon as possible.
  16. Kurdish leaders should be cognizant that the new de facto state being liberal-democratic is what will bring about Western international recognition.