Ending the Compulsory Matrix

What is the key to ending the compulsory matrix of binary genders, “heterosexuality” and monogamy and instead opening up to diversity in relationships, genders and sexualities? The most important factor for change is psychometric massmatching. 

First it is important to point out that “woman” and “man” are sexes and not genders. The categories of “woman” and “man” contain tremendous gender diversity and so citizens should be able to register their current gender(s) on their personal psychometric massmatching online accounts by choosing from hundreds of established genders. It should not be possible to register as simply “man”, “woman” or “non-binary”.

Second, if people can choose more than one partner they will. Married people will still be available for psychometric massmatching if they so desire, including for temporary relationships. It will become extremely easy to find as many fully compatible partners as one wishes.

Third, one should not believe people who assure others that they are exclusively heterosexual. The reason they say so is that although they may indeed have a preference for the other sex, it is never entirely exclusive as proven by attraction to operated intersexuals and operated transsexuals. It is precisely the people who go out of the way to assure us that they are exclusively heterosexual who have statistically significant pansexual tendencies. While sex should indeed be registered by the government for positive eugenic purposes, this information should be strictly private and the massmatching system would only provide information about the gender(s) currently performed by the citizen in question. There is no reason why the government should hand out information about the sex of a citizen.