The Question of Racism

Racism describes both a certain evolutionary reactive behavior of partial divergence towards becoming distinct subspecies as well as social ideologies. Indeed, race is similar to gender in constituting social constructions interacting with evolutionary/biological factors. This is the old scientific question of nature and nurture and this is relevant for understanding racism as well.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic movement which claims that racism is one hundred percent about nurture and denies any evolutionary basis for racism. CRT claims that the White/Black gap in wealth and education is all due to social factors. They also tend to be Anti-Semites in believing that the Jewish/White gap in wealth and education is due to Jewish racism. They have less to say about other economically and/or academically successful genetic minorities, i.e. Christians in the Fertile Crescent, Mandaeans in Iraq, Christians in Kerala, Jains in India, Parsis in Gujarat, South Asians in East Africa and East Asian Diaspora communities. The fact is that economic and academic performance correlate strongly with IQ both on an individual and on a collective level. CRT is mistaken in assuming that racial inequity is solely due to racism when in fact the most important factors are average divergence in intelligence as well as meritocracy, the school system, liberalism and capitalism which all strongly benefit the more intelligent over the less intelligent irrespective of race which is to the advantage of genetic groups with higher average IQ and to the detriment of genetic groups with lower average IQ.

If we want to seriously battle racism we can no longer deny evolutionary factors involved. The fact that evolutionary factors are involved does not mean that racism is fate, rather this can help us psychologically understand our dark sides. Furthermore we must recognize intelligence as an independent vertical analytical category in understanding oppression and discrimination separately from and intersecting with race.