Mainstreaming LGBTQI

In every generation the proportion of persons in Western countries who identify as LGBTQI increases, currently it stands at over 20% among American youth. For how long will this increase continue? Will LGBTQI identity eventually encompass the majority? Since virtually no one is exclusively homosexual or exclusively heterosexual, especially considering the existence of sexual attraction towards operated intersexuals and operated transsexuals should we expect that LGBTQI eventually becomes the norm. We should also expect that infidelity is increasingly supplanted by polyamory until polyamory becomes the new norm in accordance with the innate desires of human sexuality. Why do most people live in so-called heterosexual monogamous relationships in Western societies considering the availability of other options? Because finding one partner is typically difficult enough and for bisexuals it is substantially easier to find a partner of the opposite sex. With government-funded psychometric massmatching will people have the full menu of options regarding actual individual preferences in every respect and the realization of deep desires.