3:6 Anti-Jewish Propaganda Techniques for Discursive Discrimination

Anti-Jewish Criminalization
Anti-Jewish Eschatology
Anti-Jewish Exemplarism
Anti-Jewish Diversity Denial
Anti-Jewish Exceptionalism
Anti-Jewish Existential fallacy
Anti-Jewish Criminal Reinterpretation (inverting texts so as to discursively criminalize Israel)
Anti-Jewish Judeocentrism
Anti-Jewish Gentile Original/Ancestral Sin
Anti-Jewish Israeli Original/Ancestral Sin
Anti-Jewish polarization
Anti-Jewish hamartiology
Anti-Jewish metaphysics of presence
Anti-Jewish mystification (such as mystification of Israeli military retaliation)
Anti-Jewish premise to a political argument
Anti-Jewish Presentism (judging Israeli history in accordance with present balance of power)
Anti-Jewish racialization
Anti-Jewish reductionism
Anti-Jewish “reinterpretation”
Anti-Jewish Supersessionism
Anti-Jewish teleology
Anti-Jewish determinism
Appropriation of suffering of others
Big lie
Camouflage libel (legal Israeli policies are purported cover for evil Jewish designs)
Causality inversion
Comprehensive lying (all or almost all of a series of claims are false)
Condemning Israel for having followed the letter of codified international law
Consensual Lies (assuming that falsities become veracious merely if so agreed)
Conspiracy theory
Context denial
Damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t
Discriminatory distortion of universal ideology for the purpose of Anti-Jewish discrimination
Disproportional, deliberate misunderstanding of the principle of disproportionality
Distortion of law
Double standards
Embedding discursive discrimination into a matrix of seemingly legitimate criticism
Epistemological privileging provided to gentiles over Jews
Existential perfectionism
Fake universalism
False moral equivalency
False flag operations
False quotes that are systematically attributed
Hijacking of discourse
Imperialism (ideological, legal, nationalist and religious)
Inverted analogy
Inverted double standard accusation (treating different cases differently is “double standard”)
Inverted Exemplarism (making exceptions in Israeli society seem as if being the norm/law)
Inverted logic
Inverted text (inverting text/law so that Israel always comes out wrong)
Jewish ancestral sin
Jewish original sin
Geographic inversion
Mythological reduction of Israel/Jews vis-à-vis others to Master-Slave Morality
Ontological aggression (Jewish demographic existence constitutes aggression per se)
Ontological negation
Original sin of ostensibly collectively inherited ancestral “Jewish sin”
Performative phonocentric criminalization (criminalizing Israel by repetitive statements
Physionomism against Carnal Israel
Phrasing an undisputed fact as if it was somehow a controversial accusation
Predictive reporting
Prejudice in the cloak of opposition to prejudice
Preventive projective accusation as a way of fending of potential criticism
Racist and Gentile Judeocentric news evaluation
Replacement Victimology
Reversing cause and effect
Self-performing accusation (accusation which performs itself through projection)
Subhuman Jewish collectiveness/statehood
Suicide pact “interpretation” of international law with regard to Israel
Transfiguration of prior prejudice
Legislation of lies (claiming that falsities are veracious if so agreed)
Uniqueness fallacy (delegitimizing Israel/Jews on the basis of falsely ascribed uniqueness)
Water libels