1:3:10 Atrocity Libel

Unfounded massacre accusation
Unfounded blood drinking accusation
Unfounded genocide accusation
Unfounded Apartheid accusation
Unfounded state racism accusation
Unfounded child abuse accusation
Unfounded ethnic purity accusation
Unfounded racial purity accusation
Unfounded imperialism accusation
Unfounded colonialism accusation
Unfounded child murder accusation
Unfounded maximizing civilian war toll accusation
Unfounded Nazism accusation
Unfounded racial regime accusation
Unfounded Sabra and Shatila accusation
Unfounded enforced starvation accusation
Unfounded state segregation accusation
Assuming that Jewish soldiers generally act perfidiously.
“Israel attacks its neighbors just so as to shed innocent blood.”
“Israel attacks its neighbors because Jews lust for shedding innocent blood.”
Claiming that Jewish housing construction offends Muslims.
Stereotyping the Israeli government as child abusers.
Stereotyping the Israel defense forces as child abusers.
Using images of gentile children to stereotype Israelis as child abusers.
Assuming that Israel only must turn the other cheek when repeatedly attacked.
Claiming that Israeli soldiers target legal minors for killing.
Assuming that Jewish soldiers generally abuse innocent children.
Claiming or assuming that Israel practices child murder, killing on account of age.
Claiming that Israeli soldiers experience sexual arousal upon the death of gentile children.
Journalistic claims without verified evidence to the effect that Israel commits massacres.
Claiming that Israel is directly responsible for killing perpetrated by others.
Claiming that low levels of collateral damage caused by Israel constitute war crimes.
Claiming that Israeli soldiers drink blood.
Claims and assumptions to the effect that the IDF kills gentiles for ulterior purposes.
Claiming without irrefutable evidence that Jews steal body organs from Palestinians.
Claiming or assuming that Israel has a policy of targeting non-combatants.
Use of hearsay for the purpose of describing Israel as found guilty of murder.
Claiming that Israel kills adversaries in war for secret reasons unstated by the Israel.
Claiming or assuming that Israel practices ethnic murder, killing on account of ethnicity.
Describing Israelis as murderous child abductors.
Claiming that Israel seeks to maximize Palestinian human collateral damage.
“Execution of Jesus”
“Attempting to assassinate Muhammad”
“Ritual murder against gentiles”
“Drinking blood”
“Seeking to kill children”
“Committing genocide against Palestinians”
“Israeli crimes”
“Contemporary Jews must apologize for the Nakba”
“Armed conflict between Muhammad and Arabian Jewry”
“Drafting the Protocol of Elders of Zion”
“World conspiracy”
“Jewish crimes”
“Wars and revolutions”
“Nakba of one-sided victimization”
“Lobbying and Mideast conflict”
Assuming that Diaspora Jewry is responsible for Israeli military decisions.
Assuming that Diaspora Jewry is responsible for Israeli political decisions.
Neo-conservative pro-democracy advocacy.