3:5 Blaming Present Jews for Ascribed/Actual Jewish Past

Genocide (literally prescribed in the Hebrew Bible)
Arabist/Zionist Encouraged Exodus of Palestinians (1947-49 Arabist attempted genocide)
Denial of citizenship to minorities in the new Israeli state (1948-51)
Land reforms (second half of 20th century)
Seeking killing of prominent religious personalities (New Testament and Quran)
Ethnocracy (all Israeli cabinet ministers were Ashkenazis during the period of 1948-77)
Vengefulness (literally prescribed in the Hebrew Bible)
Past wars of Israel (since 1948)
Undisciplined behavior of Zionist militias (1947-49)
Military government in Israeli minority regions (1948-66)
Occupation of Gaza strip (1967-2005)
Clerical rule (Hasmonean period of 140–37 BCE)
Jewish settling in place of evacuated communities (during Israel’s first years)
Assassination of Folke Bernadotte (1948)
Allowing establishment of Palestinian Apartheid regime (1994)
Bilateral Oslo partition of the West Bank (1993-99) against WB Jewish wishes
Sabra and Shatila (1982, Lebanese massacre of Palestinians without Israeli intervention)
Political censorship (in the first decades of the state)
Proscription of symbols and expressions of Palestinism (until 1993)
Refusal to lease private Jewish National Fund land to Israeli minorities (prior to 2007)
Enforced Europeanization of Mizrahi Jews (1948-77)
Jewish terrorism (prior to Israeli independence and later very rarely)
Enforced mass population transfer (1947-49))
Israeli military rule in the Golan Heights (1967-81)
Israeli military control over all entry/exit points to the Gaza region (1967-2005)
Israeli military rule inside the Gaza territory (1967-2005)
Israeli-Egyptian bilateral closure around the Gaza region (2005-2011)
Israeli military rule over many Israeli Palestinians (1948-66)
Governmental Ashkenazi mistreatment of Mizrahi immigrants (Israel’s early years)
Governmental Ashkenazi humiliation of Mizrahi immigrants (Israel’s early years)
Governmental Ashkenazi oppression of Mizrahi Jews (Israel’s early years)
Governmental Ashkenazi discrimination of Mizrahi Jews (Israel’s early decades)
Non-enfranchisement of Israeli minorities (1948-1951)
Ashkenazi ethnocracy (1948-1977)