Europe: Tolerance Ends Where Islamization Begins

Western Europe is to Americans a progressive utopia, it has advanced welfare states, LGBT protections and advanced gender equality. Yet Western Europe suffers from crime-ridden Muslim urban enclaves infested with Islamization and honor culture where European tolerance ends. Jews and LGBTI people cannot live there and Islamization and honor culture is enforced on women and girls. This is the face of Islamism in Europe, the face of contemporary European Islamization. Most Jews have fled Sweden’s third city of Malmö due to Islamist persecution. Yet, European governments remain completely helpless in the face of those trends since they feel that they have to respect freedom of religion. 

There is another option though and that is protecting open society from its enemies. Europe should ban most immigration from outside the continent until it has successfully integrated its segregated Muslim minorities. Furthermore, European nations should institute a ban on totalitarian organizations and totalitarian propaganda, including Communists, Islamists and Nazis.

Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion and must include protecting the religious choices of all residents and citizens, including importantly of ex-Muslims. The reality is that European governments have effectively abandoned the people of their Muslim enclaves to criminals and Islamists. The situation is literally untenable and is only exacerbated with immigration since Muslim immigrants typically elect to settle in Muslim enclaves due to lack of affordable housing options elsewhere.

Islamization is not just some innocent process where people become more religious but is actually enforced through cruel social control at the expense of LGBTI people, women, girls, ex-Muslims and other non-Muslims. Europe must wake up and understand that Europeans (including particularly Muslim Europeans) are under threat from this malignant totalitarian cancer in our midst. It is surely time to put an end to this hapless policy paralysis and take effective measures to counter totalitarianism in contemporary Europe.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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