Genocide is not “a Jewish Problem”

The conclusion of the recent meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett did according to Prime Minister Bennett surpass Israel’s expectations. The essential conclusion that it is an American responsibility to strategically degrade the Iranian nuclear weapons program is an important message to Iran that the US and Israel will not let Iran invade and take over the Gulf states. While this should actually be a European responsibility as the Europeans (and no longer so the Americans) are the ones who are dependent on gulf oil, there can be little doubt that the Iranian regime has set its sights not only on the oil-rich Twelver Shia region in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia but also on the holy Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Hejaz.

An Israeli preemptive attack against Iran’s nuclear weapons program would unleash a ferocious Hezbollah missile rain over Israel as Hezbollah has some 150 000 missiles and rockets ready to be deployed against Israeli population centers should Israel strategically attack the Iranianan nuclear weapons program. Israel would have little choice but to deploy the strategy of Rapid Dominance (a.k.a. Shock and Awe) which would entail the essential destruction of the Lebanese state. This would be necessary as a strategic deterrent so that the non-Shia majority of Lebanon would make sure that Hezbollah does not attack Israel again as Hezbollah is capable of causing severe damage to Israeli cities with thousands or even tens of thousands of Israeli deaths.

The rest of the international community seems to regard Iran’s nuclear genocidal ambitions as “a Jewish problem” that is not theirs to solve. Genocide prevention and nuclear non-proliferation are crucially matters of responsibility for the international community and to leave this to Israel and its majority Muslim strategic allies in the Arab world and the former Soviet Union would most likely dangerously destabilize the region. The shameful abdication of responsibility by the US, China, Russia and South Korea which dangerously allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons shows the weakness of the so called “international community” and its dependence on US presidential readiness to wage war to protect American and international major strategic interests worldwide.

While America is wise to tactically outsource to the Israeli-Muslim alliance against Iran, the responsibility to strategically degrade Iran’s nuclear weapons program should not be outsourced considering the shared interest to defend regional stability. This is especially so considering that the Iranian theocratic regime will rebuild its nuclear weapons program after it is degraded and it will probably need to be repeatedly strategically attacked again some every five years or so.

While Israel is perfectly capable of strategically degrading the Iranian nuclear weapons program, doing so is ultimately a responsibility of the sole superpower in the crucial interest of preserving regional stability.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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