More of the Same Please

While the official US condemnation of Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich’s outrageous statement regarding the Palestinian town of Huwara certainly was warranted, one would wish that we would hear similar condemnations when senior Palestinian officials engage in incitement. While the US generally opposes Palestinian incitement and rightly so, the State Department declines to issue publicContinue reading “More of the Same Please”

We Need a Global Democratic Strategy

I have suggested a global strategy for democracy, for both defending democracies from internal/external threats and spreading this ethically supreme form of government to yet other countries. Whether one agrees or not with my proposals, what is indisputable is that there is an urgent need for a global strategy for the shrinking global community ofContinue reading “We Need a Global Democratic Strategy”

The US Need not Worry About Security Cooperation

After Israel’s clinical operation in Jenin with minimal collateral damage did the PA as so many times before announce that it would end security cooperation with Israel. This put the State Department in a frenzy in “working the phones”. This begs the question: Is the Department of State unaware that while security cooperation is convenientContinue reading “The US Need not Worry About Security Cooperation”

The Destruction of Islam

Islamism [Islam-ism] is one of a series of modern totalitarian political ideologies along with Afwerkism, Ba’athism, Communism, Fascism, Gaddafism, Kahanism, Nazism and Slorcism. Islamism is essentially supersessionist in that it seeks to replace the traditional world religion of Islam which it deems corrupt and depraved. While Islamism may seem similar to Islam on the surfaceContinue reading “The Destruction of Islam”

Why Sabbatai Zevi was Excommunicated

Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) was born in Smyrna in the Ottoman Empire and was a Sephardic rabbi of Romaniote (Judeo-Greek) origin who became almost universally recognized as the Mashiach (messiah) but was confronted by the sultan who demanded that he accept Islam or face death. As a token acceptance of Islam did Zevi in desperationContinue reading “Why Sabbatai Zevi was Excommunicated”

Israel’s Haredi Future

Israel’s Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) community is extraordinarily diverse in comprising a vast number of sects, ranging from the very small to those numbering in the hundreds of thousands. While the majority view in the Haredi community is non-Zionist and pro-theocratic are the minority Anti-Zionists opposed to theocracy which they deem to be against the will ofContinue reading “Israel’s Haredi Future”

Liberating Iran’s Oil

Most of Iran’s oil resources are located in the minority Kurdish, Luri and Arab regions of western Iran and much of Iran’s natural gas resources are located in the Persian Gulf Arab region of Iran and in its territorial waters. Depriving Tehran control over its minority regions will therefore deprive the Khomeinist regime of mostContinue reading “Liberating Iran’s Oil”

Why the IDF and SDF will be Welcomed

How will the civilian populations react to a joint IDF-SDF liberation of Lebanon-Syria?  The Syrian regime is profoundly unpopular in Syria even among the Alawites and there is no doubt that the feminist and now increasingly Arab SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) will be greeted asContinue reading “Why the IDF and SDF will be Welcomed”

The Peripheral Concentric Approach

The approach of the Mossad which regularly tries to spur unrest in Iran and which the Mossad hopes will lead to an Iranian secularist revolution has for many years been focused on Persian-speaking major cities in Iran. Such unrest occurs every few years or so with so far no strategic breakthrough as the Khomeinist regimeContinue reading “The Peripheral Concentric Approach”

Decline or Ascendance

Is the Khomeinist empire declining or on the ascendancy? This is largely up to the determination of regional nations as led by Israel. Will Israel and the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) defensively liberate Lebanon-Syria and redraw borders between Beirut, Jerusalem and Damascus subsequent to the massive Hezbollah missile barrage against TelContinue reading “Decline or Ascendance”

The Great Power Confrontation in the Middle East

There are only two great powers in the Middle East – Israel and Iran – which are vying for hegemony in Islamdom. Most Muslim-majority countries have good relations with Israel (whether openly or not) and fear Iran and are on Israel’s side in the struggle against Iran. Iran has few allies in Islamdom and veryContinue reading “The Great Power Confrontation in the Middle East”

Do Median Jews need to Convert?

Do Median Jews need to undergo so called ‘strict conversion’ (Hebrew: giyur lechumra) due to their limited syncretism with Islam and before that with previous incarnations of religious imperialism in the region? There is no evidence that Median Jews ever converted to Islam and rather was the historical limited syncretism of the various eras withContinue reading “Do Median Jews need to Convert?”

Playing for Time on the Way to the Bomb

Iran claims that it wants to resume the Vienna negotiations at an unspecified point in time in the near future, yet Iran is only weeks away from nuclear threshold status. There is hardly any time left for “negotiations”. Israel abides by the doctrine of “only striking when the sword is on the neck” in thereforeContinue reading “Playing for Time on the Way to the Bomb”

America’s Anti-American Lobby

The pro-Palestinian lobby in Washington undermines American national interests when they subvert the US-Israel special relationship. It is specifically not in America’s interest to push Israel into the arms of China on behalf of the Palestinians. America relies on Israel’s advanced high tech and intelligence capabilities and depends upon Israel for its own security. TheContinue reading “America’s Anti-American Lobby”

Gender and Sexual Equality vs. Islamist Neo-Medievalism

The empowerment of women and girls is a critical aspect in the struggle against Islamist neo-medievalism. Islamism is intrinsically geared against gender equality in typically prescribing a highly constricted role for women and girls in society. Sunni Islamism is vehemently anti-LGBTQI while Twelver Shia Islamism is more tolerant towards transsexuals although otherwise viciously homophobic inContinue reading “Gender and Sexual Equality vs. Islamist Neo-Medievalism”

Apostasy and Blasphemy are Essential to Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion is almost non-existent in many Muslim countries. There is no right to apostasy, no right to freedom from religion, no right to blasphemy and no right to criticize religion. Without those is there practically no freedom of religion at all. Of course, the situation varies between Muslim countries but many Muslim countriesContinue reading “Apostasy and Blasphemy are Essential to Freedom of Religion”

The Palestinian Jihadist Consensus

Palestinian society is unique in that there is a Jihadist consensus throughout society involving both secularists and Islamists. Jihadist indoctrination permeates Palestinian society not only in the the Islamist-run Gaza but also in Judea and Samaria where the media and the system of education propagandize Jihadism and idolize Jihadist terrorists. The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, theContinue reading “The Palestinian Jihadist Consensus”

Iran’s Intention to Destroy Israel

Iran openly says that it intends to “annihilate Israel”. Why do they want to destroy Israel? They believe that Israel is evil and destroying Israel will catapult the world into the messianic era with the return of the two Islamic messianic figures of Jesus and the Mahdi (whom Twelver Shia Muslims identify with the hiddenContinue reading “Iran’s Intention to Destroy Israel”

The Islamic Veneer in Median Judaism

There is to varying degrees an Islamic veneer in the denominations of core Median Judaism, i.e.  Alawism, Alevism, Alianism, Bektashism, Druzism, Yarsanism and Yezidism, yet these are not denominations of Islam, their adherents do not practice Islam, do not believe in Islam and have not converted to Islam. There are historical traces in denominations ofContinue reading “The Islamic Veneer in Median Judaism”

Reuniting the Nation of Israel

The United Monarchy of Israel, the ancient Jewish state was divided into two different Jewish states in 930 BCE, the Southern Kingdom of Judah and the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The population of the Northern Kingdom of Israel was in 745-715 BCE deported by Assyria to what is now Kurdistan. The Israelites apparently gained prominenceContinue reading “Reuniting the Nation of Israel”

Restoring Bektashi Property in the Balkans

The Communists confiscated property of everyone including from the Bektashi communities in the Balkan countries. However, the Bektashi real estate have since then not been returned to their rightful owners, this includes historical tekkes, Bektashi convents which in Balkan countries typically have been turned over by governments to the local Muslim community which turned themContinue reading “Restoring Bektashi Property in the Balkans”

Palestinian Terrorism is Genocidal

Palestinian terrorists try to kill as many Jewish civilians as possible, in fact this is a particular form of terrorism of targeting a particular people that is genocidal. There is not only denial of Jews having nationality and peoplehood, there is a particular effort trying to end Jewish nationhood and Jewish peoplehood, something which isContinue reading “Palestinian Terrorism is Genocidal”

Albania’s Forcibly Secularized Bektashis

The fate of Albania’s Bektashis resembles that of the once traditionally religious Soviet Jewry, forcibly secularized under Communism. Three decades after the end of Communism are Bektashi religious leaders in Albania still trying to revive traditional Bektashi religious life in Albania.  The Bektashis are a large minority in Albania numbering in the double digits percentageContinue reading “Albania’s Forcibly Secularized Bektashis”

How Lebanon is Different from Gaza

The paradigm of the Gaza conflict with recurring Israeli wars to once more restore deterrence does not apply to Lebanon. There is no such thing as deterring Hezbollah which is part of the IRGC command and control structure as acting upon direct instructions from the Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Khamenei.Continue reading “How Lebanon is Different from Gaza”

Liberal Israel

Israel is according to its basic laws a Jewish and democratic state. The Jewish character of the state is ensured for the future, its democratic character is however distinctly not. The rapid demographic growth of the country’s Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) minority means that Israel will have little choice but to curtail liberal democracy to ensure thatContinue reading “Liberal Israel”

Restoring the Jewish Traditions of Alevism

Alevism is extraordinarily diverse with often each tribe having very distinctive tribal traditions and practices. Many Jewish traditions of Alevism are not universal in Alevism but are practiced locally, regionally and by tribes. As Alevism has become increasingly urbanized in recent decades, needs Alevism take on a restorative de-Islamization process of taking tribal, local andContinue reading “Restoring the Jewish Traditions of Alevism”

The Muslim Brotherhood Global Organization

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 by school teacher Hassan al-Banna, a Sufi Muslim, he modeled the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood on that of the hierarchical organization of initiation of the Sufi orders. The Muslim Brotherhood is organized into self-governing national branches, each with its own national political strategy. InContinue reading “The Muslim Brotherhood Global Organization”

Not a War by Choice

The Iranian nuclear weapons program is an existential threat against the Jewish state; the Khomeinist regime constantly and publicly repeats its official desire to “annihilate Israel”. There is less than one month left until Iran has enough nuclear material for one nuclear bomb and there is no doubt that the clock is ticking and thatContinue reading “Not a War by Choice”

The Dönmeh and Other Minorities

The Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet as founded by the ethnically Dönmeh Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has historically had a hostile relationship with some minorities in Turkey, including Alevis, Bektashis, Sufis, Kurds and Armenians. This is peculiar since all those groups should have been natural allies of the Dönmeh community. However, all this is due to the personalContinue reading “The Dönmeh and Other Minorities”

Banning Islamist Organizations

There is in some Muslim and European countries a growing awareness of the threat of Islamist totalitarianism. Denmark has already responded by banning immigration altogether and the three conservative opposition parties in Sweden advocate instituting a severely restrictive immigration policy, apparently due to the Islamist threat. The governments of Austria and France have raised awarenessContinue reading “Banning Islamist Organizations”

The Sophisticated Operations of the Muslim Brotherhood

How can it be that the Crypto-Islamist AKP (the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) has been able to increasingly outfox the once all-powerful Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet (Turkish for ‘Deep State’) domestic political intelligence agency in Turkey? How can a ruling political party manage to outmaneuver an omnipotent domestic political intelligence agency? The only knownContinue reading “The Sophisticated Operations of the Muslim Brotherhood”

The Evolution of Totalitarianism

Communism was the first form of totalitarianism to emerge in Europe and was founded as the ideology of “the dictatorship of the proletariat” in the 19th century. It was followed by Fascism such as Nazism in the first half of the 20th century and subsequently emerged third world totalitarian ideologies, i.e. Afwerkism (Eritrea), Ba’athism (SyriaContinue reading “The Evolution of Totalitarianism”

Let’s Take Up the Glove

The ideologues, theologians and leaders of Islamism/Jihadism – both Sunni and Shia – have for decades constantly literally declared war on non-Muslims and secular governments of Islamdom. They mean war when they incite war. There is no real dividing line between Islamism and Jihadism. Most Islamist leaders are Jihadists although that is not necessarily trueContinue reading “Let’s Take Up the Glove”

The Threat of Theocracy

Traditional religion was historically not in favor of liberal democracy and some religious denominations are still not like the Catholic Church. The founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith advocated what he described as “theodemocracy”.  Advocates of theocracy in Islam and Orthodox Judaism are however expanding their appeal among Muslims and Orthodox Jews respectively. The fertility ratesContinue reading “The Threat of Theocracy”

The Jewish “Islamists”

The very predicament of the danger of theocratic takeover of religion and then state is not exclusive to Islam and Islamdom; in fact Israeli Orthodox Judaism and Israel suffer from the very same predicament. Israel’s Jewish theocrats are divided into two main camps, those are the Hardalim, Strictly Orthodox Zionists who imagine an Iranian-style regimeContinue reading “The Jewish “Islamists””

The Threat of Islamist Takeover in Turkey

If the Islamists were to fully take control over the Republic of Turkey would this have severe geostrategic implications. This would mean that the Islamists would control the Turkish Straits (the Dardanelles and the Bosporus) and thus naval transits between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. An Islamist Turkey would no doubt exit theContinue reading “The Threat of Islamist Takeover in Turkey”

The Threat of Genocide in Turkey

A country that denies its genocidal past is in danger of reoffending. Not only would the the Dönmeh Jewish community (a subset of the Bektashi order) be in danger of liquidation in case of complete Islamist takeover in Turkey but so would potentially other Median Jews as well. While the current policy in Turkey isContinue reading “The Threat of Genocide in Turkey”

The Dönmeh are Fighting for their Home

Turkey was for most of the 20th century indirectly ruled by the Crypto-Jewish Dönmeh community through the Derin Devlet (Turkish for ‘Deep State’). The past two decades have however seen an intense power struggle between the Crypto-Islamist AKP (the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Derin Devlet.  Due to the centuries-old canard thatContinue reading “The Dönmeh are Fighting for their Home”

Why Jews can’t Live in a Palestinian State

Why is it that almost everyone seems to assume that restorative indigenous Jewish strategic communities in Judea and Samaria would have to be evacuated in order to establish a Palestinian state? The Kushner peace plan shows that no evacuations are necessary as all such communities would under the plan fall under Israeli sovereignty. But whyContinue reading “Why Jews can’t Live in a Palestinian State”

The Complexity of the Israeli-Turkish Relationship

Turkey’s dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan openly supports Hamas, has called for international sanctions against Israel and has denounced Arab normalization with Israel. Yet, Turkey itself has official diplomatic relations with Israel and fully normalized economic ties with Israel with a large and rapidly growing trade relationship. Even the boots of the soldiers of the IDFContinue reading “The Complexity of the Israeli-Turkish Relationship”

Behind the US-Turkish Alliance

The US-Turkish relationship was always an alliance between two secularist nations with secularist constitutions. Contemporary Turkey is ruled through a permanent power struggle between the Crypto-Islamist AKP (the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet (Turkish for ‘Deep State’). It may seem quite peculiar that a country with an Islamist dictatorContinue reading “Behind the US-Turkish Alliance”

The Crux of the Matter

Most governments in the international community regard the ongoing cold war with Jihadism and Islamism as purely a matter of national security. This is the result of narrow articulation of national interest whereby the ongoing global struggle with Jihadism and Islamism is reduced to a matter of “fighting terrorists”.  National security is also the prismContinue reading “The Crux of the Matter”

Refusing to Fight the Second Cold War

There has for the past two decades in effect been a cold war in place with Jihadism and Islamism worldwide. Yet, the US government myopically decided in 2001 to limit its efforts to a so-called “war on terror”, a euphemism for global war on armed Qutbism. Aside from the counter-terrorism effort has the US governmentContinue reading “Refusing to Fight the Second Cold War”

Allow the Bnei Menashe to Come Home to Israel

The remaining Bnei Menashe community of northeast India practice Modern Orthodox Judaism, yet have still not been converted to Orthodox Judaism over objections by the government of India. There are in total 10 000 Bnei Menashe, almost half of whom have been permitted to move to Israel and convert to Orthodox Judaism in Israel. TheContinue reading “Allow the Bnei Menashe to Come Home to Israel”

The Case of the Xuetas

In 2011 did the Bnei Brak rabbinical court of the late Israeli Haredi Posek rabbi Nissim Karelitz (1926-2019) formally recognize the endogamous Xueta (pronounced “Chueta”) Crypto-Jewish community of the Catalan Island of Majorca in Spain as Halakhically Jewish despite there being aspects of Christianity in their practice of Crypto-Judaism.  This is parallel to the questionContinue reading “The Case of the Xuetas”

Median Jewish Conversions and the Law of Return

Ethiopian Jewry are descendants from ancient converts to Median Judaism. The Orthodox Chief Rabbinate of Israel explicitly recognizes Ethiopian Jews as coming from the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel and obviously realizing that they are descended from ancient converts, considering that they genetically are not descended from Israelites. This is an important acknowledgement by Orthodox RabbinicContinue reading “Median Jewish Conversions and the Law of Return”

Whither the American-Israeli Alliance?

The pro-Palestinian lobby in Washington believes itself being close in years to a strategic breakthrough and that the Biden administration may be the last pro-Israel Democratic adminstration in US history. Political Anti-Zionists are however always notoriously optimistic about destroying Israel and its relations with the world. This is a serious misreading of the US-Israel specialContinue reading “Whither the American-Israeli Alliance?”

Why Dönmeh are Eligible for Aliyah to Israel

It has been widely claimed for hundreds of years that the 17th century Dönmeh founding generation converted to Islam and that the Dönmeh are somehow Muslims. But how is this possible considering that the Dönmeh do not practice Islam and never practiced Islam? In being part of the Bektashi Order in transcending the boundaries ofContinue reading “Why Dönmeh are Eligible for Aliyah to Israel”