Redeeming Judea and Samaria

Judea and Samaria have long remained terra nullius due to the demographic size of the Palestinian population there still being proportionally too large for full incorporation into the Jewish state. The Jewish fertility rate in Israel is rising while the Palestinian fertility rate is falling with the exception of the Negev Bedouins. Currently both Jewish and Palestinian women have on average about three children. The Haredi (Strictly Orthodox) fertility rate (eight children per woman on average) is a major factor in the relatively high Jewish fertility rate as compared to the fertility rates of other developed nations. The Israeli population of Judea and Samaria also have a much higher fertility rate than their Palestinian neighbors with on average five children children per woman. This is due to this population being one third secular and traditional, one third Modern Orthodox (Religious Zionist) and one third Haredi. With current demographic trends is it only a matter of decades until the rapid natural growth in the Haredi Jewish community will demographically enable full Israeli enfranchisement of the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria as the Haredi population doubles about every 16 years through natural growth alone. There are currently over one million Israeli Haredim.

The status quo in Judea and Samaria although not morally perfect is however temporary as pending full Israeli enfranchisement and redemption of the entire Judea and Samaria. The PLO is ideologically and religiously opposed to an end-of-claims final status agreement since they would never cede their claims to an alleged “right” for millions of descendants of Palestinian ex-refugees to immigrate to the Jewish state and turn it into yet another Muslim state. The experience of the withdrawals from Gaza, Lebanon and Afghanistan constitute clear writing on the wall that Judea and Samaria would quickly be taken over by the popular Jihadist-Islamist Hamas were Israel to withdraw from its indigenous heartland leading to a Jihadist terrorist missile nightmare for most Israeli population centers. Military occupation combined with Palestinian autonomy is not a perfect situation by far but it is at least immeasurably better than the situation in Gaza which would quickly spread to Judea and Samaria were Israel to withdraw and thus radically worsen the humanitarian situation for Palestinians in Judea and Samaria.

Immmigration to Israel of millions of Median Jews from both inside and outside the Middle East would change the demographic equation and enable much quicker redemption and enfranchisement of Judea and Samaria with full civil rights for the new Muslim and Christian citizens of Israel. Gaza should simultaneously be annexed by Jordan with an underground road and railroad connection being built under Israel between the East Bank and Gaza. There is a way and there is a solution that will enable peace between Israel and almost the entire Muslim world.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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