The Losing Proposition of Palestinian Statehood

Many nations have betted on the perceived “inevitability” of Palestinian statehood since 1988 by “recognizing” the non-existent ostensible Palestinian “state”. One persistent argument was “the Palestinian womb” when in fact nowadays the Palestinian fertility rate is falling and the Israeli Jewish fertility rate is rising with both demographic groups now having 3 children per woman on average. 

Then there is the losing proposition of negotiations, peace process, international “peace” conference etc. Ramallah says openly at the UN and elsewhere that it will never cede the claim for immigration to Israel of millions of descendants of ex-refugees, something which if ever implemented would surely doom any “two-state solution” to a transitional fiction. Palestinian society is unanimous about “never” ceding this claimed ostensible “right”, despite being completely contrary to “two states for two peoples”.

Then there is the discourse on so-called “obstacles to peace”. The 2020 Kushner peace plan revealed for the entire world to see that the strategically placed restored indigenous Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria are certainly not in any way an obstacle to the allegedly inevitable so-called “two-state solution”.

The truth is that both time and demography are on Israel’s side. The rising tide of Haredi demography dooms Israeli liberal democracy but it will also permit Israel to comfortably enfranchise Judea and Samaria without this posing any threat to Israel’s Jewish majority. In three decades time will there be some 5 million Israeli Haredim and after an additional 16 years will that population have grown to 10 million and then to 20 million. Of course with mass Aliyah of millions of Median Jews from the Middle East and beyond can enfranchisement of Judea and Samaria happen much earlier. Three decades have already passed since the 1991 Madrid peace conference. The historical discovery of Median Judaism means that we will not need to wait decades for there to be peace.

Many nations that recognized “West Sahara” have since withdrawn that recognition. When will those who recognized the non-existent Palestinian “state” admit their mistake and withdraw their recognitions? Palestinian “statehood” has become a farce. On the one hand does Ramallah endorse “the two-state solution” and on the other hand does the Palestinian movement doom this as a losing proposition by demanding the so called “Palestinian right of return” for millions who never lived in Israel.

What kind of Palestinian state did the recognizers have in mind? Ramallah supports, advocates and promotes the Anti-Zionist BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) which seeks to eliminate the world’s only Jewish state. Ramallah’s regime mass media and regime schools incite Anti-Zionism everywhere. What is Anti-Zionism? Anti-Zionism is the very antithesis of the ostensibly “inevitable” “two-state solution”. Anti-Zionism is the very ideology which seeks to end Israel. Ramallah therefore does not educate for a “two-state solution”, quite the contrary is true.

Then there were those who doubted Israel’s future and anxiously through deterministic circular arguments demanded the urgent implementation of the allegedly inevitable “two-state solution” as if the vehemently Anti-Zionist Palestinian movement was ever interested in “saving the Jewish state” through a so called “two-state solution”.

Jordanian annexation of the Gaza strip with an underground connection between the East Bank and Gaza will turn Jordan into a Mediterranean nation and will transform Gaza into Jordan’s beachfront. Israeli enfranchisement is in the interest of Judea and Samaria’s Muslim and Christian population since they will become integrated into one of the most technologically advanced economies in the world. Israeli redemption of Judea and Samaria will first and foremost benefit its Muslim and Christian population who will become equal citizens of the State of Israel.

Then there were those who betted on the demise of Israel. We were told that the indigenous Jewish people were “colonialists” who would eventually “disappear” with the ostensibly irreversible, yes imperialist expansion of Islamic salvation history. Yet there are in 2021 seven million indigenous Jews in Israel. 

For the time being is the status quo the best to hope for, but with mass Aliyah of millions of Median Jews from the Middle East and beyond can peace become reality throughout Judea and Samaria.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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