The Threat of Theocracy

Traditional religion was historically not in favor of liberal democracy and some religious denominations are still not like the Catholic Church. The founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith advocated what he described as “theodemocracy”. 

Advocates of theocracy in Islam and Orthodox Judaism are however expanding their appeal among Muslims and Orthodox Jews respectively. The fertility rates among anti-democrats in Israel are significantly higher than those among pro-democrats meaning that Israel will in effect have to abolish liberal democracy to avoid a descent into medievalism, poverty and theocracy in the style of Afghanistan. Israel is thus increasingly coming into a situation which many Muslim countries already find themselves in where liberal democracy practically speaking is completely impossible. 

Theocracy has emerged as the 21st century major threat of totalitarianism. Some European countries are officially recognizing the danger of Islamism to open society (e.g. Austria and France) while others (e.g. Hungary and Denmark) are closing their gates to immigration to effectively prevent the entry of Islamists. Islamism is the major totalitarian ideology of the 21st century and as such poses a threat first and foremost to Muslims and Muslim societies. However, Islamism is ultimately a threat to all countries. While Jewish theocracy is a threat in Israel only is Islamism a worldwide totalitarian neo-imperialist threat to all countries and all peoples.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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