Banning Islamist Organizations

There is in some Muslim and European countries a growing awareness of the threat of Islamist totalitarianism. Denmark has already responded by banning immigration altogether and the three conservative opposition parties in Sweden advocate instituting a severely restrictive immigration policy, apparently due to the Islamist threat. The governments of Austria and France have raised awareness in their respective countries about the dangers of the totalitarian ideology of Islamism. In the Gulf have the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia all banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization as have also Egypt and Russia. 

Law-abiding Islamists take advantage of society to run political parties, NGOs, mosques, private schools and in some countries state-funded schools. However, their aims are entirely sinister in having a totalitarian agenda of seeking to take over existing nation states to build a pan-Islamic totalitarian state on their ruins. 

Nation states need to defend themselves from this totalitarian threat. Strategically is it necessary to discredit Jihadism and Islamism among Muslims around the world. However, more repressive measures are needed as well in defense of the nation state in the face of the Islamist totalitarian threat. All Islamist and Crypto-Islamist organizations – including front organizations – must be banned and their assets confiscated by law as illegal totalitarian organizations. Confiscated Islamist mosques should be sold to politically moderate oil-rich governments such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE and then donated to non-Islamist local Muslim congregations.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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