Why Many Ashkenazi Jews “Look” European

Anti-Zionists claim contrary to all scientific genetic evidence that Ashkenazi Jewry are exclusively descended from “European” converts to Judaism and they say so entirely out of how Ashkenazi Jews “look”, i.e. through racial observation alone. The Nazi Germans disagreed, they thought that Ashkenazi Jews “looked” Middle Eastern. Irrespective needs the issue to be clarified.

Somalis and Scandinavians are essentially morphologically identical and the only difference is the color of skin. In facial features are Somalis more similar to Scandinavians than to most sub-Saharan Africans although many black sub-Saharan Africans are in fact Europoid. There are spectrums of Europoid depigmentation in both the Nile Valley and in South Asia as stretching from south to north with the relatively more pigmented living closer to the equator and the relatively less pigmented living farther to the north. It is clear that all Europoids were originally black-skinned and many lost their pigmentation due to evolutionary adaptation to colder climates where there was no longer any evolutionary advantage in having excessive pigmentation in relatively colder climates. The loss of pigmentation appears to happen rather quickly in evolutionary terms as proven by the case of Ashkenazi Jewry who only lived in Europe for two millennia and in northern Europe from 800 CE.

Ashkenazi Jews as prior to modern intermarriage are primarily of Middle Eastern origin with the main European genetic contribution being European gentile Italian, in fact are Ashkenazi Jews descended from the still existing Italkian Jewry, the Judeo-Italian speaking Jews. Yet the fact that many Ashkenazi Jews “look” north European is rather explained by evolutionary adaptation to colder climates with ensuing loss of pigmentation. 

A similar spectrum of depigmentation can be observed in East Asia where the Japanese in the north are quite depigmentated. Another spectrum of depigmentation is to be found among the indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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