Does the Derin Devlet Believe in Kemalism?

The Derin Devlet has its roots in the Young Turks but was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who was Sabbatean as evidenced by the fact that he was educated in a Sabbatean school in Thessaloniki, then the geographic center of the Sabbatean community and part of the Ottoman Empire. All pupils in the Ottoman Empire attended sectarian schools and there was no reason for anyone to attend a school that did not belong to one’s own sect. The sectarian school system was closely related to the Ottoman Millet system which granted autonomy to the country’s religious sects. Everyone attended a school of their own sect.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk not only founded the Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus but placed it in the hands of fellow members of the Sabbatean community. The purpose of the Derin Devlet was to guard Ataturk’s revolution and prevent the country from falling into the wrong hands. Ataturk apparently trusted his own community with this task as the Sabbateans had a self-interest in protecting Ataturk’s order in the country.

The Derin Devlet never ruled Turkey directly but acted discreetly behind the curtains. There are two main methods to its exercise of power. The first method is running civil servants and high-ranking military officers as intelligence operatives and exercising political influence through them. The second method is to give orders to the government through the military. A government that refuses the orders of the military risks being unseated.

The question is the following: does the Derin Devlet believe in Kemalism? The Derin Devlet today is concerned with remaining in strategic control over the state and protecting the secular nature of the state and the military. The Derin Devlet did not prevent Erdogan’s decriminalization of the Kurdish language and therefore it can be assumed that it is not overly concerned with protecting Kemalism per se, but rather is limited to maintaining the secular nature of the state. 

The successive electoral victories of the rulling Crypto-Islamist AK party since 2003 has forced the Derin Devlet to adapt and the rise of Anti-Semitic Islamism in Turkey is a threat to the Sabbatean community itself which is a subdenomination of the Bektashi order which in turn is one of nine denominations of core Median Judaism. The Sabbatean community has since long been intermarrying with secular Turks and it is established practice to convert children of non-Sabbatean mothers to Sabbateanism.

The primary concern of the Derin Devlet today is the survival of the Sabbatean community which is threatened by Erdogan’s genocidal designs against Median Jewry in general and Alevis and Sabbateans in particular. The historical rediscovery of core Median Judaism less than a decade ago has transformed the perspective of the Derin Devlet and its inevitably Sabbatean political priorities considering that the Sabbatean community is under severe threat in Erdogan’s Turkey. The Sabbatean community historically has no relations with the rabbinically Jewish community in Turkey which shunned the Sabbateans. However, considering the origins of the Sabbatean community in Rabbinic Judaism did Israel’s Mossad become a natural ally of the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet and the Derin Devlet’s HQ is today likely located in Israel as Turkey has become hazardous to Sabbatean intelligence masters. It is not known for how many years or decades the Derin Devlet has maintained relations with Israel but the Derin Devlet may have been instrumental in Turkey’s official recognition of Israel already in 1949.

Once Israel officially recognizes Median Jewry in general and core Median Jewry in particular as Jewish and eligible for immigration to Israel will the Sabbateans as Median Jews – they are part of the Bektashi order – become eligible for immigration to Israel. All Sabbateans along with all other Median Jews in Turkey can be expected to immigrate to Israel once the gates are opened for Median Jewish mass Aliyah (immigration) to Israel considering the toxic public climate against Median Jews in Turkey.

Median Jewish Aliyah is however a red line for Erdogan who does not want to help Israel demographically and who intends to exterminate Median Jewry and the Sabbateans are on the very top of Erdogan’s kill list. As a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey (the AKP is a front organization of the Muslim Brotherhood) does Erdogan see the Jews as his primary enemy and he intends to exterminate them.

The Derin Devlet of course knows perfectly well who Erdogan is and what his intentions are and must obviously prioritize the survival of the Sabbatean community at all cost. The Mossad’s and the Derin Devlet’s strategy is to win back as much political control as possible as the Derin Devlet has lost much ground to the successful mass infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood intelligence since 2003. 

Erdogan and the ruling AK party are widely expected to lose the presidential and parliamentary elections as scheduled for June 2023 due to the fact that the Turkish economic miracle has permanently come to an end. This presents an opportunity for Israel to announce the existence of Median Jewry in general and core Median Jewry in particular as verified descendants of the ten Israelite tribes as eligible for Aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel). With the CHP-led camp in power will the Turkish government not attempt to put any obstacles in the way of Median Jewish Aliyah to Israel and virtually all Median Jews can indeed be expected to immigrate to Israel considering the toxic public climate in Turkey. Rather than the introduction of liberal democracy which is not feasible in Turkey due to the anti-democratic voting patterns of the Turkish general public, pro-Western military dictatorship as controlled by the Derin Devlet is the likely outcome of Erdogan losing power in 2023. 

Erdogan has already warned that there will be chaos in the country should he and the AKP lose the 2023 elections and he can be expected to try to instigate civil war in the country with the intention of inciting genocide against all religious minorities, including all Median Jews. However, the Derin Devlet is no doubt well prepared for this scenario and is ready to restore order in the country and hence the outcome will be permanent military dictatorship and no more elections in Turkey as the Muslim Brotherhood controlled AKP would demographically easily win elections once the Median Jews have left the country for Israel. 

There is no question that the Derin Devlet sees the future of the Sabbatean community in Israel. Yet, both Israel and the Derin Devlet knows how much is at stake in Turkey considering the looming threat of genocide and are therefore acting prudently and no doubt preparing for the worst. The Zionist movement movement failed to prevent the Holocaust due to not yet having a state and there is no question that Israel is very determined to make sure that there will not be a second Holocaust against the Jewish nation.

The Derin Devlet’s priorities are obvious and natural. Who in their right mind would not prioritize their own survival while under existential threat? The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to eliminationist Anti-Semitism as it is inspired by Sayyid Qutb’s Anti-Semitic pamphlet “Our Struggle with the Jews” which imagined a global Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. It is not only Hamas which is committed to eliminationist Anti-Semitism, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist movements generally are so. Erdogan’s commitment to prevent Median Jewish Aliyah is therefore consistent with the Anti-Semitic eliminationist thrust of Islamism in general and the Mossad and the Derin Devlet have no choice but to prepare accordingly.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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