Islamism is not Anti-Imperialist

A common theme among academic apologists for totalitarianism is that the Muslim Brotherhood specifically and Islamism generally is an anti-imperialist movement that is part of the post-colonial situation. Yet, the truth is that Islamists are neo-imperialists who seek to build a totalitarian Islamist empire that will cover the entire Islamdom and ultimately the entire planet. Islamists are not “progressive”, “anti-imperialist” and “anti-colonial” since they seek to colonize the entire world with their reactionary totalitarian ideology. Much has been made about religious and tactical differences between different Islamist movements in creating a racist picture of “good Islamists” and “bad Islamists”. This is entirely false as the differences in opinion between the different Islamist movements are minimal since they share the same neo-imperialist, neo-colonial and reactionary goal, namely Islamist global control and the political and religious subjugation of all non-Muslims worldwide. Islamism is the oldest among totalitarian ideologies, yet is today the single totalitarian movement which poses a threat of takeover of entire states. The US needs to recognize Khomeinist Iran as a strategic rival alongside Russia and China. Turkey as governed by the AKP (which is a front organization of the Muslim Brotherhood) would also be a strategic rival of the United States were it not for the strategic control of the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus over the Turkish state.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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