The Mossad Should Breed Genius

Jewish geniuses are not visible in Israeli society beyond the ultra-Orthodox sector for the simple reason that they are nearly all concentrated in the intelligence sector, probably mostly in the Mossad (international intelligence) and to a lesser extent in the Aman (military intelligence) and the Shin Bet (internal security). The contributions of Jewish geniuses to Israel’s tactical and strategic efforts are unknown to the general public but are no doubt extremely significant as geniuses are superior intelligence analysts and superior operational planners and make other supreme contributions that we are not aware of. Jewish geniuses are thus the secret weapon of the Jewish state.

The Mossad would be particularly well-advised to start a breeding program for Jewish geniuses. Semen should be harvested from intelligence sector geniuses and stored in a Mossad central sperm bank. The Mossad should take control of private Israeli sperm banks and make sure that they only use semen from the Mossad central sperm bank. The Mossad should furthermore engage in matchmaking between members of genius families. In addition, female relatives of intelligence geniuses should be paid to be inseminated and give birth with semen from the Mossad central sperm bank.

The Mossad of course is aware that Jewish geniuses are a national resource and so it is essential to manage it properly. It is hence vital to responsibly expand the population of Jewish geniuses in the Jewish state.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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