What do the Palestinians Want?

Palestinians of course are diverse and not all Palestinians are the same but we should nevertheless ask ourselves what the Palestinians want based on analyzing Palestinian media, Palestinian education, Palestinian politics, Palestinian opinion polls and Palestinian historiography. 

Do the Palestinians want a Palestinian state alongside Israel? The Palestinian movement has rejected many diplomatic offers for a Palestinian state since 1937 and no Palestinian nationalist acknowledges that that this rejectionism was indeed strategically mistaken. The Palestinian Authority claims that it wants a state in Gaza and all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem with the possibility of minor territorial swaps, yet adamantly rejects offering Israel anything in return. Any Palestinian leader who would cede the claim for immigration of millions of Anti-Zionists who never lived in Israel would be promptly assassinated as would a Palestinian leader who would officially recognize Jewish statehood. Therefore, the claim that the PA wants a state alongside Israel cannot be treated seriously since they oppose any end-of-claims final status agreement. 

Do Palestinians want a bi-national state? Many Palestinian politicians in Israel claim to want a so-called “bi-national state” despite there existing no such state anywhere in the world in the annals of history. Nation states have either ethnic nationality in recognizing both majority nationality and minority nationalities or officially consider all its citizens to belong to the same nationality irrespective of ethnicity. The overwhelming political consensus among Palestinians is that 7 million Israeli Jews must leave Israel, period.

Do Palestinians want peace? Yes of course all peoples want peace but most Palestinians want peace without the Jews. Since it is impossible to expel the Jews from Israel is the Palestinian plan to exterminate them. This is why war was started against the Jews in 1947 and this is why there has been constant Arab aggression against the restored indigenous Jewish state ever since. 

Do the Palestinians want coexistence? Palestinians sometimes claim that descendants of so-called “Palestinian Jews”, the pre-Zionist Jewish community in the Land of Israel, would be allowed to remain while all other Jews would be forced to leave the the land of Israel in its entirety. It is quite telling that Palestinians reject ethnic coexistence in Judea and Samaria and refer to Jews living in Arab neighborhoods in Israel as “settlers”. In practice the agenda is an ethnically cleansed greater “Palestine” from the river to the sea that would be “Judenrein”, i.e. without Jews.

Do Palestinian “refugees” want to “return” to “their homes”? They currently live in their own homes, many of which are situated in the cities built on the sites of former refugee camps. While it is true that they are descendants of former refugees, they themselves are not refugees according to the definition of UNHCR. The notion that mass population transfer would take place into Israel against the express wishes of the sovereign government of Israel is contrary to international law. The abandoned property of their great grandparents was expropriated according to sovereign Israeli law over seven decades ago and is long since not theirs to claim. Furthermore, the historical Palestinian population explosion (the Palestinian population has expanded tenfold) would make it impossible for them to live in the homes of their great grandparents which in most cases anyway were built with mud and have long since been demolished. The so-called “right of return” is therefore a mere euphemism for an entrenched genocidal agenda.

Is peace and coexistence despite all, then possible? Yes, once ten million Median Jews have immigrated to the Jewish state will Israel be able to redeem and enfranchise the entire Judea and Samaria and Jordan will subsequently annex Gaza. Considering the deep-seated genocidal agenda is coexistence only possible under a Jewish majority. This is in the best interest of all.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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