Which Erdogan is Speaking?

Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence is an international political action intelligence agency and as such trains its agents in political deception. Two of its top agents in the Middle East are Mansour Abbas in Israel and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey. Both are skilled high-class actors. Mansour Abbas, the leader of the Ra’am party in the Knesset pretends to be favorably disposed towards the State of Israel in order to gain political influence with the goal of becoming politically indispensable for both left and right in Israel. Erdogan has a more complex situation. As president of Turkey does he have three masters, his first loyalty is as an agent of Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence, yet he also answers to the nationalist and anti-Kurdish TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) and to the pro-secularist, Western-oriented and pro-Israel Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus. 

Indeed, it takes some insight to know which Erdogan is speaking at what particular moment. Is he speaking for Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence, for the TAF or for the Derin Devlet? Erdogan as a skilled actor gives the outward appearance of being equally motivated irrespective of whom he speaks for which of course is not the case and often he takes his own erratic initiatives independent of his masters. While Erdogan gives the impression of being the almighty sultan of Turkey, the reality is considerably more complex. The same is true of the state apparatus in general including the government-controlled media. The ongoing government-orchestrated campaign against Sweden in the Turkish media was apparently not organized on behalf of Erdogan but on behalf of the TAF which compiled the official list of extreme Anti-Kurdish demands made from Sweden.

What is the balance of power between the three centers of power in Turkey? The powers of Erdogan are generally strictly delimited as to what he can actually do politically. The TAF is as has been the case for the past century deeply complicit in Turkish authoritarianism and suppression of minorities and dissent while leaving general governance to the elected government. The Derin Devlet is first and foremost the guardian of secularism in Turkey and secondly the protector of its Western orientation. Only more recently has the Derin Devlet devised a foreign policy for Turkey which effectively aligns Turkey with the Israel-led axis in the Middle East. Yet, it is quite noteworthy that the Derin Devlet has never allowed Erdogan to actually break off diplomatic relations with Israel, impose a trade embargo against the Jewish state or arm and train Hamas. He also does not dare to criticize the Derin Devlet in public.

Erdogan makes a lot of statements which often contradict actual subsequent policy. This is not only due the complexity inherent in his three roles but also to his own idiosyncratic initiatives which are often not realized due to the veto power of the Derin Devlet. The Derin Devlet is not a particularly proactive participant in Turkish politics and its main role as the bearer of veto-power in Turkish politics is to hold back Erdogan. However, experience shows that when it is mobilized it can be extremely mighty indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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