The Case for a Military Coup in Israel

Israeli liberal democracy won’t survive due to exponential Haredi demographic growth and so the only question is when to change system of government? It is true that the proportion of Haredim in the population will temporarily become smaller due Median Jewish mass Aliyah in the coming decades, but there will nevertheless be a Haredi population explosion with continued exponential growth. What is a more pressing issue however is the question of the Haredi economic burden on society as Haredim are getting without giving. Israel faces extraordinary economic challenges in the coming decades as its population will quintuple mostly due to Median Jewish mass Aliyah. This requires mass investments to accommodate the new immigrants, the challenges are enormous and so during those circumstances having millions of able-bodied people living on the dole is no option at all. There are currently 1,2 million Haredim in Israel and they must be coercively integrated while respecting their segregated lifestyle as voluntary integration has failed seen in actual numbers. Coercive integration cannot happen under liberal democracy but requires a selectively authoritarian liberal form of government. It must also be emphasized that coercively integrating a larger population is more difficult than coercively integrating a smaller population and requires a more repressive regime which means that it is wise to act sooner rather than later. Furthermore, it appears that the only way out of the current crisis pertaining to the legal overhaul in Israel is a military coup and that should lead to the writing of a constitution in Israel for the first time where Israel is defined as a Jewish and Liberal state rather than a Jewish and Democratic state.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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